See It Through My Eyes..

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my first blog post,I Must say I am very excited about doing this and a little bit nervous because  I’m not much of a writer but I know you all got my back…

I am very open to suggestions and ideas that will help make this a beautiful experience for you and I but first let me start by introducing myself.

My name is Joyner and welcome to MSJ Lifestyle & Entertainment Blog;my very own online diary for documenting the general lifestyle of the people around me and that of myself…

As a huge lover of God (number one above all things),Art, Music, Fashion and Poetry;this is a blog borne out of passion for the things I love.

Other interests include:Photography,Fitness,Cooking And Traveling.

This is also an avenue for promoting my friends and their art,up coming brands and already made brands that I admire…

I look forward to reading your reviews as I show you the world through my eyes…sláinte (it means cheers in Irish).

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