April’s Wedding In July…

Marriage, the Bible states to be God’s arrangement and by him it was designed to form a bond of union that would bring blessings to mankind…A bond that involved the yoking of a man and woman in this most sacred state to help them serve God together, each one with his own mate…’soul mate’

The couple:

Olufemi Tchotcho And Adegbenga Oluwafemi

I had the beautiful opportunity of attending the wedding of April on the first of July 2017(1/7/17),unique date right?…I know,so is everything else I’m about to share about this couple #femifemi17

My flight to Lagos landed at about noon on Friday from Abuja,need i say that the pastry I had on Dana air was really good…thumbs up;#danaair for the win right there.

Anyways so I landed in Lagos and made my way to April’s house where we exchanged greetings with such delight and pleasantness even though she had reason to be brooding as the designer of our dresses(bridesmaids), and her second appearance dress (often referred to as ‘exit dress’)was way passed the deadline, and wasn’t answering her calls(very unprofessional).

After hours of waiting and persistent calling by both the chief bridesmaid(Doyin) and April’s sisters (Tola and Dami); by the way everyone calls April her middle name Femi and so I had to adjust…

Finally the designer showed up and we tried our dresses,we were good to go but the bride’s exit dress was illfitted and she hated it …so now we had to go look for an alternative but first had to check into the hotel where the bride and the groom would be staying alongside the groomsmen and bridesmaids to celebrate their day #femifemi17 #1/7/17…

The Renaissance Hotel located in Ikeja Lagos had such exquisite ambiance with well trimmed hedges left the landscape basking in luxurious awe…you could tell that services and maintenance is top notch.

All settled in now Femi(the bride),Doyin and myself sought out with the quest to find an ‘exit dress’ and we weren’t gonna deter in achieving our conquest…after several searches through the streets of Lagos we finally found a dress in Afrikcouture and it was perfect.

I rewarded myself with a meal from The Place adjacent the hotel,enjoyed the rest of my night sharing tales and good laughs with the girls and called it a night.

The Wedding: 

It’s 1/7/17 morning…and we were all excited in getting ready,while the bride was getting her face beat by Sooo pro beauty place,the bridesmaids were also getting their beats…

Alas we were finally ready

We made our way to Classique Event Center where we had the church service;

The pastor urged that husbands exercise a godlike headship;’love her as your own body’,this God requires of them and a woman who respects her husband is like a precious gem”…vows were exchanged,the couple’s were joined in holy matrimony and they shared a kiss with such affinity.

Beautiful songs were played for the recessional followed by the postlude…

Family and friends exchanged photos and pleasantries 

I used the opportunity to ask the couples some FAQ about marriage(Frequently asked questions)and it was time for the procession into the reception 

Everyone watched with marvel as the couples danced their way in with style.

#femifemi17 had their couple’s dance right afterwards 

All protocols and very important persons were addressed appropriately and it was a banquet with a rich menu of vast delicacy with so much to eat and drink.

We had more gleeful dancing…The bride’s father even “boogie danced” with such cheer 

Femi finally changed into her ‘exit dress’ for her last dance and when she danced in,everyone gazed with such reverence as she was so beautiful it made everyone smile.All activities on the wedding program were duly exercised and the couples made their exit with their final recessional as everyone waved them goodbyes into their ‘Happily Ever After’ it was indeed a fairytale wedding on the streets of Lagos,Nigeria on the special day of 01/07/17.

“I don’t know really,it just happened so fast and I’m glad he was lurking around even when I wasn’t ready” 

When asked what she loved about her husband the most,she shared; “His personality and his heart…he has a big heart”

When asked what he loved about his bride the most,he shared “Her Smile”.

“My favorite part of the day was watching my husband dance with the MC”

“My favorite part of the wedding was our first dance” The groom said.

“To future brides,my advice would be to love Always,be happy,live each day like you won a million pound…make your husband happy,love him new everyday,show him appreciation,and never take your partner for granted…Above all,put God first”.

“I look forward to waking up to my wife everyday and holding her to sleep every night”.

“My advice to grooms out there would be…Treat your bride with respect,adore her,bring out the best out of her,cherish her;always remind her how adorable she is,let her remain your treasure all the days of your life,be quick to say sorry when you’re wrong and when you’re right,I love you regardlessless you mean the world to me…

Don’t bring your insecurity into your relationship,be trusting,spend as much time together with yourselves and other couples who are mature enough to support and add value to your relationship,laugh together and pray together,always owe each other a debt of love,make Your Union ‘heaven on earth’

Don’t inject the poison of lust or inappropriate relationships with strange women into your relationship,don’t make the mistake of discussing her weakness with close family,protect her and surround her with love.

Don’t let your family turn her into a slave,they probably use tender words like ‘help me’…’help me to do this or that’…while that is not wrong in itself;it can soon get out of hand…if they need that much help,they need to get themselves a househelp.

Give her special treats now and again and when you catch her doing something good,remember to praise her for it.

Let the words of your mouth be soothing to her and you would have matured and learnt more than going for a doctorate degree!!!

Be strong my brother,your strength is not in beating up on your bride but in resilience and ability to remain unchanged in spite of changing circumstances”

The Wedding Team:

Bride : Oluwafemi Tchotchovee

Groom : Adegbenga Oluwafemi

Little bride : Michelle

Ring bearer: Temidire

Photography and videography- Focalpointfotografia

Event Designer- Rexkraftsevents

Make up artist- sooo_pro

Wedding Dress-weddingsbymaiatafo

Exit Dress: Afrikcouture

Bridal accessories- michelles_thejewellerystore

Grooms Apparel:moss

Venue- classique event place


Photo Credit:
Classique Event Place
Chubby cheeks photography

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    1. Wow, what a great post. Very elaborately and wonderfully woven. Makes one not only feel as if they were there and wish they were there. The pictures also blend beautifully with the write-up

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