24 photos, Different Emotions;One Feeling…

Let me tell you a story about a black girl with 24 pictures and Betrayal…

Betrayal is an unavoidable human experience that exist amongst man and a very complex topic to write or talk about beacause of varying circumstances…; circumstances dependent on our personal tolerances for uncertainty and emotional pain that differ…

How betrayal affects you is mostly controlled by how you choose to react…; you could either let it be one that may help you move toward deeper wisdom, maturity, growth and transformation (which we all know rarely comes without pain) 


You could be judgemental, bitter, envious, resentful,hateful, and filled with all the toxic feelings you don’t need.

When betrayed, we feel traumatized as it is a feeling that catches you totally off guard and threatens the (false) sense of security we project on others. Feelings associated with betrayal includes; uncertainty, Insecurity, vulnerability, rejection, anger, sadness, risk, vicious, impulsive, complexity, hurt, weakness, secrets, arrogance, violated trust and sorrow 

Most people will usually hurt you in attempt to heal themselves, A series of betrayal puts us in a situation where we need to discern what’s best for us…it’s complicated 

  • Uncertainty Or Ambiguity 

A damaging aspect is that our sense of reality is undermined, all of a sudden what felt like solid trust suddenly crumbles; our innocence is shattered and we’re left wondering… what happened? How could this have happened? Who is this person 

  • Insecure Or Guarded 

In some situations, we may not have contributed to the betrayal but in other cases, we may be reeling from a devastating loss, it becomes rather easy to succumb to the role of a victim and refuse to explore whether we had some part in creating a climate ripe for betrayal.

  • Naked Or Strong

Experiencing betrayal invites us to be kind and gentle towards ourselves and our pain. Allowing us this beautiful opportunity of falling in love with parts of ourselves we never thought existed; those parts of ourselves we only see in the people we(‘ve ) love(d). 

  • Hurt Or Satisfaction 

How I triumph over betrayal is by inculcating in myself and cultivating the very attributes I thought I saw in the betrayer and embracing it as a part of myself who’s learned her lesson,accepted it and moved on 

  • Sad Or Calm

  • Sorrow or Relief 

Betrayal in its many forms can be cure in effect, the universe rite to passage that ushers us forward to a brighter understanding of what love is and what love isn’t ; what helps love grow and what destroys it. 

  • Rejection Or Choice 

  • Anger Or Composure

Way forward;
Learn to express your needs and wants more assertively and communicate in a more authentic way. 

  • Unique Or Normal 

I’m not the average girl from your video and I ain’t built like a supermodel but I learned to love myself unconditionally because I am a Goddess“. 

  • Risk Or Exposure  

Therapy offers you time and space to analyze, review and dwell on your actions to see where you were wrong and how a different reaction to things could have made a whole lot of difference.

  • Courage Or Arrogance 

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind“.  

  • Chance Or Plan  

  • Confidence Or Pride

She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell. 

  • Convalescent Or Weak 

  • Revealing Or Secrets

  • Hope Or Despair 

Regret from the betrayer may offer some hope for healing, But you know it never comes when you expect it or it never comes at all, so you try to move on somehow and it makes you cold in certain way.

  • Impulsive Or innocent 

  • Vicious Or Sensitive 

  • Respect Or Love 

Darling you’re a goddess and once you know what that means, I pray for anyone who tries to hurt you.” 

  • Clarity Or Complexity 

What keeps me going is knowing that things would change and it was a question of keeping myself together until they did.

No one can ever be you except you! So Be Yourself In All Your Glory…!!!

Credits :

  1. Mishdoo 
  2. OO Charles Photography 
  3. Von Hair
  4. Nina Simone
  5. Dr Seuss
  6. Dr John Amodeo PhD
  7. Indie Arie 
  8. Lincoln Briggs 
  9. Valerie Solomon 

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