My First Fringe Soirée By LeRouge

It was one of those Sundays when everything is slow and gloomy, I had just returned from Zanzibar 2 days before, at this point I was so bored and struggling to adjust into being back home after a splendid vacation.

This particular Sunday was the 4th Of November, 2017.; I went to Aysha Umar ‘s room to distract myself from the boredom, I asked “what she would like to do to elevate our mood today?” That’s when she got up with so much enthusiasm and said ;

“There’s this fringe soirée I’m supposed to attend this evening, if you’re interested we can go together.”

She picked up her phone and showed me the ad on instagram.

Immediately my eyes caught a glimpse of the page I was hooked, I collected the phone and kept scrolling through all those fascinating pieces and I replied with so much excitement ” yes I would love to go, what do I need?” She then showed me her own Lerouge piece, I tried it on so many times… I felt so chic in them I wanted mine. So Aysha called Lerouge and we drove down to the store and picked up this beautiful fringe mini jacket…on our way back I started thinking of what to pair them with as the party was just two hours away. I had this lovely Ohpolly two piece I was supposed to rock in Zanzibar but I got hit with malaria ( story I will share with you another time) and couldn’t, so I decided to pair them with Simmi sandals and I had the perfect faux fur purse from Debby’s (I’ve owned this clutch for two years now)

We got back home and started getting ready immediately, Finally it was time to party, we arrived the venue pretty late, fortunately there was still enough to eat and drink (you know the food always call on to me, lol #foodie) .

I met so many interesting people including Wilson the guy that shot MSJ silk pajamas prelaunch photoshoot ,He took some nice photos of me…

I also met some cool bloggers like Onyinye and Mrs Ro

Meeting these bloggers inspired me so much and I admire their creativity a lot.

I took a few pictures with my Nikon D3200

Aysha brought a cake which she cut for everyone to eat and enjoy, I ate both the chocolate and red velvet, drank some punch and danced a little. We made many more snaps and took more pictures

Thanks to Peter Chris for these lovely shots.

Finally we called it a night and I went home to prepare for work as the next day was Monday.

I must say it was the best $98 I ever spent on a Sunday noon and it was worth every cent.

Until Another Share…


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