Hello MSJ Lovers… I feel like since my first post we started an affair. An affair between MSJ and her readers whom she calls her Lovers. The kind that’s based on enjoying the various stages of growth in Life and remembering to live and  rule the moment whilst trusting the beauty of the journey; The Race Of Life. 

Four days ago I announced the pre- launch of MSJ INSOMNIA SILK PAJAMAS.

Today I am pleased to announce that you can now order and purchase your silk pajamas HERE

  • Send an email to with your choice of insomnia silk pajamas, preferred color and accurate measurements.
  • or you can follow us on Instagram and twitter @msjlifestyle
  • we also take orders on our WhatsApp line +2348065336306 12noon -3pm Mondays-Saturdays.

As stated in previous post, this is a small start up, only 100 sets are projected to be made for now on insomnia, 23sets have been sold leaving 77 more sets available.

Target Market

For every woman out there both young and old who is confident and sexy in her own skin and every man who’s proud to see his lady rock the insomnia pieces.

Insomnia pieces

short set

Price List:

short set – $42 

gown – $34

robe – $28

complete set  (short set, gown, robe) – $99 instead of $104 with Free Delivery within Abuja city.

short set with robe – $67 instead of $70

gown with robe – $60 instead of $62


Note that these prices are like this due to cost of production in Nigeria and these prices can decrease as cost of production decreases.

Major target consumer

Insomnia is made to make your bridal showers and pajamas themed party look more glamourous and luxurious.

For large orders, please order two-three weeks prior to use.

Official launch party is in February 2018. 

Now you are ready to shop the MSJ Insomnia Silk Pajamas… I look forward to your patronage. Thank You And God Bless.


Models: Paulyn, Joyner, Valerie

Makeup Artist: Mishdoo

Photographer: Double O

Brands: MSJ and Simmi 

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