Being Friends With Joyner Agida

“I Am Not A Regular Girl…”

I Always Tried To Fit In A New Circle Or Place But Even That Crumbles Eventually… This Is Rarely Due To My Strong Personality Or Maybe It Is; I’ve Been Told My Confidence Can Be Intimidating.

Zodiac Signs Don’t Tell You Exactly How Someone’s Gonna Act All The Time But They Give You A Topography Of Their General Feelings And What Drives Them.

As A Scorpio;

I Love Intensely, I Am Brutally Honest And Extremely Loyal, Doesn’t Mean I Get This Reciprocated Often But I Don’t Change Because This Is The Very Things That Make Me Who I Am; 6goddess!

Even If I Wanted To, I Wouldn’t Know How To Be Anything Else. Things That People Go Through Hell And Back Just To Achieve, I Get It Without Breaking A Sweat;

This Is Not By My Might, It’s By The Grace Of My Divine Father Jehovah And I Am Always Grateful Which Is Why I’ve Dedicated My Life To Him.

He’s Always Faithful.

And Things People Get Without Breaking A Sweat I Have To Fight Tooth And Nail For. The Most Common Example Is Something I Offer Freely, Loyalty. My Loyalty Is Unwavering But I Have To Fight The Devil Everytime To Get My Due.

My Mystery

Leaves People Creating Different Impressions Of Me And I’ve Been Many Things To Different People.

The Ones I Showed My Dark Side I Feel Truly Sorry For, Because I’m Always Gonna Be That Scar On Your Heart…

And The Ones That Have Felt My Love In Its Depth, May Not Like It But Are Stuck With Me For Life Because They Know Deep Down They Can Never Feel A Love Like This With Anybody Else.

I Am Unique

Took Me Too Many Tragedies And Betrayals To Finally Understand What This Means. I Am Fully Aware Of My Power And Weakness.

I Do Not Crave The Regular Things My Peers Or People Around Me Crave.

My Alter Ego Always Likes To Stand Out.

I Yearn For Spiritual Depth As It Is The Only Way To Balance My Mystery Without Seeming Insane.

Don’t Try To Understand Me Just To Love Me, (Even I Can’t Tell You I Absolutely Understand Myself)

Love Me And You Will Find Out All That You ‘Need’ To; I Do Not Make Friends Easy Because I Am Self-Sufficient,

It’s How I Was Raised.

I Am 6goddess And I Believe Not Everyone Is Worthy Of Me.

But If You Do Call Yourself My Friend, I EXPECT Certain Things Like Your Loyalty And Support. ( I Don’t Expect It To Be Unwavering Because That’s My Part ) But I Demand It! Otherwise; What Is Friendship?

Friendship Is A Complex Topic Hence The Reason This Post Is Gonna Be Split Into Three(3) Parts And Will Be Spaced Over Time.

  1. What Is Friendship And Its Benefits?
  2. Types And Kinds Of Friendsip Both Positive And Dysfunctional.
  3. Divorcing A Friend Whether Good Or Bad.

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I Will Be Collecting Pro-Pictures Of Best Friends For Part II; So If You Are Interested You Can Send Your Entries To MSJ Special Credit For Goofy Pictures And Real Emotions Applies…



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  1. I thought I was crazy and weird! This is More dope than both!
    We only exist cus we think!
    Hello Joe! I found this site amazing. This is contemporary Art!

    Liked by 1 person

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