Friendship With A Scorpio Called Joyner

“I Am Not A Regular Girl…”

I Always Tried To Fit In A New Circle Or Place But Even That Crumbles Eventually… This Is Rarely Due To My Strong Personality Or Maybe It Is; I’ve Been Told My Confidence Can Be Intimidating.

Zodiac Signs Don’t Tell You Exactly How Someone’s Gonna Act All The Time But They Give You A Topography Of Their General Feelings And What Drives Them.

As A Scorpio;

I Love Intensely, I Am Brutally Honest And Extremely Loyal, Doesn’t Mean I Get This Reciprocated Often But I Don’t Change Because This Is The Very Things That Make Me Who I Am; 6goddess!

Even If I Wanted To, I Wouldn’t Know How To Be Anything Else. Things That People Go Through Hell And Back Just To Achieve, I Get It Without Breaking A Sweat;

This Is Not By My Might, It’s By The Grace Of My Divine Father Jehovah And I Am Always Grateful Which Is Why I’ve Dedicated My Life To Him.

He’s Always Faithful.

And Things People Get Without Breaking A Sweat I Have To Fight Tooth And Nail For. The Most Common Example Is Something I Offer Freely, Loyalty. My Loyalty Is Unwavering But I Have To Fight The Devil Everytime To Get My Due.

My Mystery

Leaves People Creating Different Impressions Of Me And I’ve Been Many Things To Different People.

The Ones I Showed My Dark Side I Feel Truly Sorry For, Because I’m Always Gonna Be That Scar On Your Heart…

And The Ones That Have Felt My Love In Its Depth, May Not Like It But Are Stuck With Me For Life Because They Know Deep Down They Can Never Feel A Love Like This With Anybody Else.

I Am Unique

Took Me Too Many Tragedies And Betrayals To Finally Understand What This Means. I Am Fully Aware Of My Power And Weakness.

I Do Not Crave The Regular Things My Peers Or People Around Me Crave.

My Alter Ego Always Likes To Stand Out.

I Yearn For Spiritual Depth As It Is The Only Way To Balance My Mystery Without Seeming Insane.

Don’t Try To Understand Me Just To Love Me, (Even I Can’t Tell You I Absolutely Understand Myself)

Love Me And You Will Find Out All That You ‘Need’ To; I Do Not Make Friends Easy Because I Am Self-Sufficient,

It’s How I Was Raised.

I Am 6goddess And I Believe Not Everyone Is Worthy Of Me.

But If You Do Call Yourself My Friend, I EXPECT Certain Things Like Your Loyalty And Support. ( I Don’t Expect It To Be Unwavering Because That’s My Part ) But I Demand It! Otherwise; What Is Friendship?

Friendship Is A Complex Topic Hence The Reason This Post Is Gonna Be Split Into Three(3) Parts And Will Be Spaced Over Time.

  1. What Is Friendship And Its Benefits?
  2. Types And Kinds Of Friendsip Both Positive And Dysfunctional.
  3. Divorcing A Friend Whether Good Or Bad.


This First Part Of The Post Is Basically Going To Be The Shortest Of Them All, Due To Preamble.

My Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary “Special Price Edition” Specifically The 6th Edition Defines Friendship As A Relationship Between Friends. It Further Defines Relationship As”The Way In Which Two People, Groups Or Countries Behave Towards Each Other Or Deal With Each Other.”

You Won’t Believe The Example Cited In The Usage Of Friendship Has My Name In It, Amazing Right? I know; The Universe Has Its Way Of Always Being In Tune With Me.

Anyways My Favourite Definition Is That Of Wikipedia (I Love Wiki Because Its Facts Are Authentic). It Describes “Friendship As A Relationship Of Mutual Affection Between People, It Is A Stronger Form Of Interpersonal Bond, Than An Association.

Friendship Is A State Of Mutual Trust Between Two Parties. For The Sake Of Clarity, Let Us Define The Word “Mutual”

Mutual, Used To Describe Feelings That Two Or More People Have For Each Other Equally, Or Actions That Affect Two Or More People Equally. Key Synonym Is Reciprocal.

Who Is A Friend?

Different People Make Different Friends For Many Reasons. A Friend: Is A Person With Whom One Has A Bond Of Mutual Affection,Typically One Exclusive Of Sexual Or Family Relations.

So If Someone Calls You Their Friend Or You Call Them Your Friend And It Appears One Seem To Be Offering More Than The Other, That Right There Is Not A Mutual Relationship ( Unfortunately This Is The Kind Of Friendship That Prevails In Our Generation.

“Don’t Support Me If You Don’t Want To, It Won’t Negate From My Friendship With You. Believe Me, It’s Not An Obligation. I will Give It If I Decide To. Support Isn’t Demanded; It’s ‘Earned’, It’s A Choice That Should Be Freely Available To ‘Anyone’ To Decide. ‘People’ Should Not Feel Obligated To Supporting You, You Only Have To Ask And If They Say No, Respect It. And That’s Even On An Holistic Level.”

These Were The Words Of An Aquaintance Whom I Thought I’d Been A Good Friend To, Despite The Lot Of Mutual Friends In Common We Both Have; Said These To Me When I Complained About Not Being Supported As Much As I Have Supported Her.

Newsflash: It Does Negate Friendship Beacuse Every Word In That Statement Defiles The Meaning And Respect Of The Word FRIEND!

The Irony Is That This Aquaintance Has Used The Word Friend With Me Many More Times Than I Can Ever Recall Referring To Her As That, If I Wasn’t Quoting Her, Yet I Support Her In My Own Little Way Absolutely.

Quickie: An Aquaintance Is A Person One Knows Slightly, But Who Is Not A Close Friend.

You Know My Response To That Statement? *In Mila’s Voice* I Was Too Shook

And I Literally Had Mila’s Expression In My Head When I Said;

Don’t Insult Me And Call Me “Friend” And Still Type All Those Things Up There, It’s Not Very Nice Beacause That’s Not How I Treat People I Call Friends.

It Was A Clear Insult To My Intelligence Because As Stated Above, Friendship Is A Mutual Relationship And Every Line She Said Negates The Mutual Respect Calling Someone Your Friend Demands.

Quickie: Demand, An Insistent And Peremptory Request, Made As If By Right. Synonym; Request, Call, Stipulation, Urge E.T.C

I Admire This Girl Alot I Thought To Myself, I Love Her Amazing Work Ethics, Her Passion And Her Zeal To Break Grounds And Forge Ahead Formidably But Who Does She Think I Am Or Who Does She Think She Is To Call Me Friend And Then Tell Me I Have To Earn Her Support When I Have Given Mine Freely Without Her Asking And I Don’t Even Call Her Friend Yet. Where Is The Mutual Understanding?

I Found It Highly Manipulative ( Manipulative Friendship Is A Type Of Friendship That Will Be Discussed In Part II , But In The Mean Time, You Can Google It To Get An Idea Of My Usage.)


The Major Characteristics Of Friendship Are;

Kindness, Love, Virtue, Sympathy, Empathy, Honesty, Altruism, Loyalty, Mutual Understanding And Compassion.

There Are Many Benefits Of Friendship Generally Expressed That Are Of Common Importance Besides Personal Experiences…Which Are;

  • Enjoyment Of Each Other’s Company.
  • Trust, And The Ability To Be Oneself Freely.
  • To Be Able To Express One’s Feelings To Others And Make Mistakes Without Fear Of Judgement From Friend.

Studies Show That Social Support Gained Through Friendship Improves A Woman’s Prospects For Good Health And Longetivity.

Conversly, Loneliness And A Lack Of Social Support Has Been Linked To An Increased Risk Of Heart Disease, Viral Infection And Cancer (Yes Cancer!!!)

You Know Those “Mini Heart Attacks” A Bad Friend (Another Type Of Friendship To Be Discussed In Part II) Gives You, That You Whisper To Yourself ‘It’s Not That Deep’ Oh Well Darling, Turns Out It is As Deep As Higher Mortality Rates Over All.

Friendship Networks = Behavioral Vaccines. These Behavioral Vaccines Boost Both Phsyical And Mental Health.Good Friendship Improve Health (To Be Discussed In Part II). Friends Encourage Healthy Lifestyles And Directly Contributes To Self-esteem, Self-confidence, And Social Development. Part II Will Shed More Light And Explain Why We Need Best Friends.

Never Befriend A Scorpio If You Can’t Handle The Venom When She Stings.!


  • My Personal Experiences
  • Wikipedia
  • Reasoning From The Scriptures (
  • Pinterest

I Will Be Collecting Pro-Pictures Of Best Friends For Part II; So If You Are Interested You Can Send Your Entries To MSJ Special Credit For Goofy Pictures And Real Emotions Applies…



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  1. I thought I was crazy and weird! This is More dope than both!
    We only exist cus we think!
    Hello Joe! I found this site amazing. This is contemporary Art!

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