Outfit Of The Day; #Hello Monday.

Hello MSJ lovers, it is a new week and hope you are feeling as vibrant, refreshed and excited as I am today. For me, it was such a brief weekend with so much to do… unfortunately i was unable to accomplish all the tasks and goals i had set for the weekend but i draw consolation in the fact that i was able to attain the top five (5) to-do on my list of weekend routines which were very important as they would have affected the positive vibes of my week should i have failed to.

Sadly as laundry is something i am not such a huge fan of, i was unable to accomplish this task and it comes with such weight bearing on my chest; because anytime i pick up any outfit from my wardrobe, i remember how i am yet to sort previous laundry thus the idea of how much this is gonna increase the pile… sigh!

If only someone could sow a seed of Samsung Washing Machine in my life, lol.

Away with the sulky feeling of unaccomplished task and set a time to get it done without hesitation and without procastination is my advice to me and to you today, if you’ve got such unfinished business as do i. Try to focus on goals achieved more, as they tend to motivate me to complete all other unfinished business.

Two Major Goals I Feel Most Fulfilled To Have Achieved ;

  • My Saturday Hike With My Infamous Naija Adventurers group and;
  • A Date With Jehovah God ( I promised my twitter follwers last night that i would share all the deets within the week and that i shall.)

These routines set the tone of my week and i feel highly rejuvinated and strong to know i am ready to take on whatever the week throws at me whilst trying to accomplish my goals for the week.

Without any “shenanigans” let us talk about the outfit of the day…

There is such beauty in the way you can incoporate your OCD into your style and simplicity becomes amazing in all its glory, i decided to go with white, blue and black with a touch of red on my bottoms to complement my Hermès bag.

My red bottoms i got from Debbybodyshop like 4years ago which ofcourse is still serving me.

My shirt on the other hand is custom made by iisa Isreal this was one among four (4) pieces i got from his Mono Tint collection.

This Hermès bag however is one of my most treasured designers as it was gifted me by someone i admire and look up to greatly; i will never forget this kindness he showed me and in the time he did… May God Continue To Bless Him Abundantly.

My white aphrodeity pants however i got from Razor Sharp; i like the fitting so much i bought three (3) of its hotpants (navy blue, sky blue and white), i did thesame with the pants respectively, i added black and grey making it five(5) and eight(8) aphrodeity in total, crazy right? i know… i can never resist succumbing to my force of nature and habit; consistency, durability, reliability. Most times i like to think that if i had my way or rather if didn’t wanna freak my love ones out, i’d actually be like Monk, “wardrobe wise” (if you haven’t seen the series Monk then i am afraid you will miss the reference… it is one of my favorite series of all time.*smiles*) All though i am so glad my OCD is nothing compared to his.

I dare not forget to mention my furry bestie whose expertise is photobombing, But would never pose when told to; my loving #ASA (Apollo Snow Agida)… For complementing me so beautifully. For a moment i got carried away with all that affection he throws at me, i must confess i am very attached.

For a more formal or corperate look, you can achieve this by substituting white pants for plain black pants and with this look you are ready to take on any task and can waltz into any corperate zone/setting ready to be great.

There!, you now know how simple it is to create outfit of the day, so go out there and make you and myself proud.

Have A Splendid Week… XO


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