The Cube Cafe Recced By Joyner Et Hanz

It was supposed to be an 11am breakfast date that turned brunch. I was just looking for a good place to enjoy a decent breakfast that I didn’t cook. Hanz thought The Cube Cafewould be better, I agreed seeing that most of the “instagrammers” who had been to the alternative; only talked about yoghurts and salads, which we both agreed, couldn’t serve our purpose since we were craving more, And this would require a proper cafe to deliver. So we made the decision to end up at The Cube Cafe

The cube, cafe, candle, scented candle, diy candle

while driving to town. We got to Maitama Amusement Park, Where The Cafe is located in,

Cafe, cube cafe, style, beret fashion, french fashion, african fashion, red bag, white jumpsuit, black beret

16 Usuma close, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.


This is not a review, just a personal share, contributing on how to help MSJ Lovers pick wonderful places they can dine luxuriously and get their money worth.

The Cube Cafeis an eccentric Art and Coffee shop, owning such enticing menu displayed like an artwork on canvas with its architectural detailed touch.

Art shop, coffee shop, bookstore, book stores in abuja, books

The decor was pervaded in African culture and style that can be widely admired by many, even across Europe…, incorporated with contemporary arts in the most authentic way.

Art frames cafe frames famous faces wall of fame hall of famous faces

It had this aura consistent with many French/ English cafes but distinctive in its uniqueness.

As most MSJ Lovers know, I am an obsessive tea lover ( The love is infused in the aroma before the taste, That is what makes me love tea… that soothing smell of ease and relaxation). They had such wide range of teas,

Cafe, nexus fridge, tea parlour, tea bar, cafe lovers, african cafes

a timeless experience one needs to embark on personally, and not just reading off a chart, blogpost or a choice made hastily. I couldn’t decide between the many options set before me with such limited time so I settled for a cappuccino,

And a full English breakfast,

Fry up, ulster fry, english breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausages, baked beans, tomatoes

colloquially known as Fry up to go with.


A Fry up or Ulster fry as the Irish would say, is an English breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, stir fried or grilled vegetables, depending on serving outlet, and bread.

Platter, table spread, wooden dinning centre piece

Some people prefer to have toast, pancakes or waffles to go with, as opposed to regular buttered bread.

Hanz had hot chocolate,

Hot choco, hot chocolate, chocolate drink

and a pan au chocolate.

Croissant, pan au chocolate, chocolate, hot chocolate drink

I loved my meal and so did he. It tasted as expected and appropriately, my eggs were perfectly executed sunny side, with slices of juicy stir fried tomatoes to garnish. The sausages had an intriguing aroma and thankfully the bacon wasn’t bland.

Bread in hands, hands in frame, bread, sunny side

My satisfaction was expressed in the clean sweep I gave my platter, I felt so proud and fulfilled. I bragged about it to the owner. To think this cost me barely $14 ( that’s like 5k in Naira ). I had more photos taken of the phenomenal ambience, thanks to my companion whose photography skills in capturing simple details is overwhelmingly astonishing and inspiring all the more. He said The Cube Cafemade him feel like home; by home he meant the UK. And I, in-turn added that it made me feel like I was in a French-African Cafe,

Girl on phone, black beret, beret fashion, french fashion, african style

waiting for my prince charming to come sway me away *smiles* a girl can dream.

Anyways, before I get carried away like Donald Glover’s ( A.K.A Childish Gambino ) Gwara Gwara dance in “This is America” a representation of pop culture while reality was unfolding in the backdrop, If you haven’t seen the video, then I suggest you should visit YouTube fast…

Let me share the opening hours of The Cube CafeBefore I sign off for today.

Girl out the door , stepping out, outdoor cafe

They are open every other day except Mondays.

Tuesdays – Saturdays : 10am – 8pm

And on Sundays : 11am – 6pm.

Kimono, white jumpsuit, black beret, red bag, backdrops for shoots, photography, mood boards

Needless to say, the landscape is awe-inspiring and all nature lovers will find peace with this environment if they paid as much attention. I hope to hear your experiences soon, and Please let me know what teas you enjoyed, so I could try them the next time I am there, which is most likely to be, on Sunday for yoga.


Black girl magic, black excellence, wavy level


ography by Hanz<<<<

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