The Alluring Dome

It is a beautiful day.

I hope you, my msj lover have had a splendid week thus far? I intend to make it feel better with this giveaway review and my quarry is The Dome.

Quickie: A giveaway review is a review I do for hotels, restaurants, lounges and bars, and other exquisite outlets I admire, which I patronize with the sole intention of promoting pro bono for now. After these promotional coverages, appropriate charges may be applied.

The Dome And Its Lure

The Dome is an affluent hotel, designed in its grandeur to accommodate all sorts of entertainment and leisure activities.

Located in the Central Business District, N-Glory, Plot 423 Cadastral Zone, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.

It is a multi-million naira establishment fully equipped with sporting activities like the six lane bowling, snooker, soccer table, an outdoor swimming pool, and a gymnasium.

But as you know me, I am always here for the food. I’d been to the summit restaurant before, but this time I decided to feast at the paradisio;


this is one of four compartments the restaurants are divided into; others include Noni’s Pizza Parlour, Twins Cafe & Bakery respectively.

Due to the hotel utility, dubbed The Francis Hotel winged with the deluxe, mini and penthouse suite, they run a 24/7 hour service accompanied by bars and lounges stalked with fine dining wines and a large stock of beverages ranging from mocktails to cocktails of one’s choosing.

My Dining Experience

I brought my gaiety with my adorable cousin Ameh,

and my compelling photography companion, Hanz ; so this was alot of food.

I had the grilled tilapia accompanied by basmati side dish and a tropical mock tail to go with.

Ameh had grilled chicken that was adroitly spiced, seasoned to relish, with fried rice and french fries side dishes, accompanied by a glass of cranberry to crown.

Of course I tasted it, what kind of foodie would I be if I didn’t share a bite from everyone’s plate? πŸ˜‚.

Apparently the type of chicken he ordered comes with complementary fries and we were clueless prior to, hence the double side dishes. Hanz however had peppered goat meat, fries and coke.

I think by now, it is safe to say he is such a boring eater.

My tilapia was skillfully garnished,

unfortunately not as spicy as I’d requested. It was clear Hanz pretty much enjoyed his meal as no chip was left over.

Service was top-tier

Our attending waitress was particularly interested in our needs. She kept giving us updates until our food arrived, basically 20mins for the guys and more for me because my grill was a whole tilapia which I found very impressive.


  • The establishment is atleast a decade old in the business of rendering service management. They recently re-branded with a face lift I hear cost about 200 million naira and relaunched in May 11, 2018 prior to an in house opening in February with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in attendance. So it is clear that this is a home for socialites & capitalists with exclusive clientele of very important persons.
  • Asides from the fact that the owner, big time investor Mr Obiora Okonkwo is a Baron known to be a huge supporter of the entertainment industry in Nigeria. This is evident in his interview with Thisday where he referred to the entertainment industry as the new oil.
  • Last Saturday, an all white themed MoΓ«t & Chandon grand day party was held there, graced with loads of entertainment & fashion magnates. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, so this is one deets I do not have for you but from what I saw on instastories and instagram feeds, it is a party I am not pleased to have missed… hopefully there’ll be many more of such parties to attend which is where I draw consolation.
  • It is located in the heart of central area, therefore makes for a perfect business meeting with fine menu and key relaxing features.
  • The chefs

creating the magic were right behind us with such busting flavours

to savour until our meals arrived.


  • If you plan to order meals such as fish or other related items on the menu that attracts flies, you should avoid sitting outside.
  • Digital cameras are not allowed without prior arrangement or permission taken via or from the right personnel/channels.

Otherwise, you’d have to put up with one Ms Joy who will come to tell you “we don’t allow pictures here” in the most condescending manner ever possible.

I told her I was an Influencer and content creator for luxury brands, thinking it would get her to chill out. And that these pictures were basically going to be used for free advertising of The Dome brand and she benightedly told me, “you are supposed to pay us for advertising” I found that statement very ignorant as per her knowledge of the roles of influencers in this business. Her response left me further amazed,

Thankfully I was rescued by their head of media, who clearly knows what he is doing and appreciates the role of influencers in such establishment. Eventually she got on-board after being made to see that all I was doing was to promote the place and not perturb the privacy of her patrons.

Overall, my companions and I had a swell time, our meals cost about eighteen thousand Naira & change in total ( 18k in Naira is equal to $50 ) but it could have been better. Imagine me getting a two night stay in the deluxe suite accompanied by an all access to the Camelot spa & Body Trust Fitness as compensation in such miscellaneous establishment, I’d be feeling myself like Beyonce.

Meanwhile, did you guys see Beyonce’s body movement in Apesh-t ( A track from the joint album by The Carter’s Everything Is Love ) a deliberate dance story in a Louvre museum highlighting some unique pieces that shows the sexualization and vigor of black women’s body in contemporary art whilst denying them their deserved accolades and recognition. This album is a must listen, a tale of a black revolution history being told in the background of another unfolding. Long may The Carters reign.

So if you haven’t visited The Dome, don’t take my word for it, your own exposure will be more important for you to achieve; this is an involvement that will leave your mind grounded to luxurious dining in Abuja.

Below are contact details for any further information you might need that I am unable to provide.

contact Details

Reception: 09 – 2907087

09 – 2907084




Sales & Marketing: 09099600908


Don’t forget to bear in mind the pros and cons in order to better absorb the pleasantness of the ambiance

and top-notch services.

Once again, thank you for reading through to the end, until another share…


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  2. Good read and very detailed. But for us #TeamFrugal I’m curious as to how affordable this experience is. I was eagerly waiting to see prices etc but I’ll have to get there to know myself. Thanks for this exposΓ©, so long✌🏾


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