The Jerk Shack

The Jerk Shack is a Jamaican/Caribbean restaurant that cater for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries, showers, children events, and every other special day.


It is located in the basement, number 16 Bangui Street, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria.

Opening Hours

They are open;

Mondays – Saturday

12:00pm – 9:00pm

Closed on Sundays

The Jerk Shack is a classic Caribbean/Jamaican restaurant that serves hearty and boastful flavours in their specially prepared meals ranging from island wings starters, tropical calamari, ital carrot soup to trini chana and aloo curry mains and for sea food lovers; shrimp mofongo, Escovitch fish, The The Jerk Shack mackerel parcel to the jerk pit.

Quickie: The Jerk Pit is a jerk barbeque of absolute classic charcoal grill with the choicest meat or seafood seasoned with their fragrant jerk spicy marinate.

All the wonderful and interesting meals mentioned above is served with ranging beverages of your choice. Whether you’re feeling tropical, salty with a pinch of alcohol, or maybe you just want a soda. Your preference will be catered to accordingly.

As a foodie, (rolls eyes; *see Quickie below*) I have moods for my favourite kind of meals, I have the days i just want to eat something I’ve never had, most days i want to eat fancy and there are other days, all i crave is local meals; as Nigerians would call it, mama put.

Quickie: *Why i rolled my eyes* I need another adjective that expresses my love for food. Everyone else’ a foodie these days… I’d like for us to pick the best adjective together, so you can tweet at me via this address and if you prefer instagram, you can reach me Here on my personal account or on the business page Here, for electronic messages click Here.

Well, this day I was feeling really fancy and I wanted to eat at a place I’d never been before.

“I’ve Never Been A Millionaire, But I Just Know I’d Be Darling At It.” – Kate Spade

Need I say that the death of Kate Spade is such a shocker;

For those who don’t know, Kate Spade is an American Designer of Irish decent who made such classy, functional and professional bags/purses that made any lady who owned a piece feel a sense of profound purpose.

“Those Purses Were Talisman Of The Possibility That, One Day, We Might Be The Person They Made Us Feel Like We Were.” – Cosmopolitan

She was found in her home dead at age 55, cause of death, suicide; which unfortunately is the 10th leading cause of death today. I try to urge you my readers at every opportunity i get to take care of your mental health as it plays a major role in your quality of life whilst guarding against depression, furthermore suicide.

Quickie: If you’ve felt like you’re stuck in a bad place and fear that you may be suicidal, Please talk to someone today, nobody’s an island as we all need help every now and then, for more information on how to get professional help, you can find it Here

I don’t mean to sour your palette with this tragedy but I was going through my list of fancy restaurants to visit when Bobo mentioned it to me.

I remember seeing Jerk Shack on Vibesbyonyinye’s Instagram story, the ambiance was Islandy and I added it immediately to the top of My list of restaurants to be visited in Abuja. So, I chose to visit The Jerk Shack.

What I Ordered

I was really hungry and my food would take 20mins to be ready which i rounded up to 40 minutes in my head.

Quickie: To save yourself the unnecessary heartache of waiting for your food endlessly, always double the time given to you by attending waiter/waitress. This is what i do to avoid the disappointment of delayed service.

I was too hungry to wait “40mins” for my meal so for starters i ordered the island wings with sprite and slices of lime to go, which by the way was exquisite, I was barely done eating when Beauty; the attending restaurateur came to announce the arrival of my main course, surprisingly that didn’t take long at all, or maybe it’s just the wings speaking.

13 Thousand, 475 Hundred Naira On The Table

Now before you bulge your eyes at me and wonder if this is worth what i had or not, Let me remind you that we were two and;

My Dinning Experience Was Tropical

For my entrΓ©e i had brown chicken stew with steamed basmati rice, plantain,


accompanied by the sunrise cocktail

as i was feeling peachy. Overall my meal was ambrosial with a volatile aftertaste. I only wish the brown stew was adequate. My companion on the other hand had the curry goat

Caribbean goat curry

with roti,

potato chips and coke.

Quickie: The curry goat is served in well marinated potatoes

which was unknown to us at the time we ordered; to avoid such scenarios, always ask the waitress to provide more details on menus you don’t quite understand.

Once again, we had alot to eat on the table and trust me i gave each plate the justice it deserved.


It’s a hefty serving for the entrΓ©e.


My brown stew chicken;

If it had any sauce, it was barely noticeable. Personally i think it was heavily reduced and, i like adequate sauce for my white steamed rice.


The 13,475 Naira with VAT charges inclusive is worth 3.8star Because the food was really good and Beauty was delightful. 3.8 instead of 4 because I like my meat fleshy not shredded to the point i have to even wonder if i just had meat or fillets and if I’m going to be getting fillets or shreds be sure to specify, that way I am aware of the weight of my choices.

Contact Details

For your own Jamaican/Caribbean experience or for more info on The Jerk Shack catering services,


Telephone: +2348187777077

Once again, Thank You for reading through to the end.

Happy Independence Day To My Jamaican Darlings 06/08/18.

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