Bloggers Brunch At Zanzibar Grill & Lounge

It was the weekend I had the Miss Face Of Food Basket Show in Benue to attend. It was slated for Friday night through to early hours of Saturday morning, I couldn’t miss it or “reschedule” as I was on the panel of judges of three; Infact the only lady and youngest in the midst of two respectable men. So I had to be back in Abuja that Saturday as my Mini Bloggers Meet And Greet was set for 2pm on Sunday. Seeing that it was a 4-5hour trip, I didn’t want to take any unnecessary chances.

I left as early as I could to make it to Abuja in good time to get Apollo from his boarding and went home. After a swift bathe with something to eat,

I laid on my bed and passed out till morning, I must have been really exhausted because I struggle with Insomnia sometimes. Light hits my face, I open my eyes and stretch out my arm to reach for my phone, I looked at the time and it was 8:39am Sunday morning.

I am telling you it’s one of those Sundays when somehow there’s one Event going down here or there but the top on the list was Food expo. I knew this was an event every foodie and connoisseurs of all things pleasurable to the belly would not want to miss; fortunately I took the initiative of sending the invites out well enough to influence a positive decision and also made sure the timing wasn’t one that could directly affect or hinder anyone who would love to go to the expo as I for one wasn’t intending to miss it.

My honorable host Mr Allister, the grand patron of Zanzibar Grill & Lounge

Quickie: Zanzibar Grill & Lounge Is A Restaurant And Bar Located In Maitama Amusement Park. They are open Mondays – Sundays.

My Sponsor, being a lover of entertainment and a huge fan of creatives/Influencers generously offered to cater my mini meet and greet with three incredible bloggers and two indelible photographers with an assistant. He left us in the capable hands of his trusted, most efficient Manager and confidante, Miss Susan.

It was my first time meeting the bloggers that day, I must say even though I am in the same line of hustle, I greatly admire these two phenomenal ladies; Miss Oroma & Miss Princess Audu with their sellable work ethics. It’s the way they effortlessly conversed, mingled and made everyone feel so comfortable around them that I found remarkable.

 chicken salad

These are very young women who have accomplished a lot and are still going up the ladder to effect change in the most beautiful and creative manner yet they sat at Zanzibar sharing jokes and making everyone else laugh and express themselves, with such modesty.

Although, we were respectively styled like it was a vogue event, our focus was the food.

What We Feasted On

I had my favorite on the menu which is the Zanzibar chicken salad with pineapple cocktail.

Miss Oroma and her friend had Prawns served with fries and spaghetti Bolognese


Miss Princess Audu also had the spaghetti Bolognese

spaghetti Bolognese with virgin mojito

The rest of the gang had vegetable salad

vegetable and fruit salad

and chicken salad. The Chicken salad was no doubt the most popularly demanded.

We enjoyed our meals and Hanz’ “gorimakpa” got shaded which made us laugh so hard including Hanz himself surprisingly ( gorimakpa is a slang for a shaved head, mostly used in the western part of Nigeria ) But I’m guessing Dante and I laughed about it the most. The food was exquisite

chicken salad

and the serving was hefty with such rich delightedness that ensued the certainty of taking home left overs.

Unfortunately time flies by when good things and moments are being created, so we didn’t get enough time to talk about all that we would have loved to but I know we’d definitely get our time together again. I think it’s safe to say Miss Oroma makes for such a perfect gourmet partner as her appetite reminds me too much of my love for food.

Zanzibar is one of my favorite places to eat at in Abuja, so until I have an official review, I’d rather leave rating of services to my guests of honor Miss Oroma and Miss Princess Audu. I’d be sure to repost their reviews or the link whenever it’s up so you, my darlings don’t miss out on their deets at all.

To get a chance to enjoy my favorite meal on the menu of Zanzibar grill and lounge, MSJ is offering a #500 off the bills per recommendation.

In other words, any client that goes there to order the chicken salad

chicken salad

as per recommendation by @msjlifestyle or @joyneragida gets #500 off their entire bill, that’s about $1.41 . Don’t be shy to take advantage of this giveaway however small, by recommending Zanzibar grill and lounge to friends and family.

Remember to mention MSJ or JO recommended that menu to you to get your #500 off.

I want show my utmost appreciation to my Sponsor and my special guest of honor, unequivocally Miss Princess Audu for honouring us with her presence… Miss Oroma thank you for being so real with your adept sense of humor.

Once again, thank you my darlings for reading through to the end, until another time.

If you have any questions for me, or just looking to make a decent conversation, feel free to find me here or my Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you…


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