I Am #6goddess

Hello my darlings, I am sorry i’ve been MIA since our last blog post. I recently took on a project which requires building a necessary skill that is intense and time consuming; will share details with you guys accordingly as it progresses on my social media, that includes my Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.

Today’s Gist.

What you think of yourself is way more important than what others think of you. This is why it is very key you tell yourself the truth, this truth is what enables your growth in the right direction and proportion.

When you possess certain traits that are negative which you don’t like, you owe it to yourself to admit that fact, only then can you begin to work on it, hence magnifying your positive image.

This positive image you keep building and working hard on, to grow is what makes up your personality. When people who do not know you personally, percieve and make certain assumptions about you, don’t be quick to anger, you ought to absorb it; reflect on yourself, if they are wrong and you find nothing of such impression, pay them no further attention or mind to it, and if they turn out right, you look for ways you can work on this negative impression you don’t like very much, seek guidance and counsel that can help you become a better version of yourself every second, every minute, everyday and every season; This applies to accepting criticism when your Art is involved as well. Because it takes both sun and rain to make something grow.

Who I Am.

I am #6goddess.

If you’ve followed my story through from the beginning of See It Through My Eyes, 24 Photos, Different Emotions, One Feeling-Betrayal, or to Befriending A Scorpio Called Joyner ; you’d find that traces of my personality exhibits strength, support, loyalty, courage, independence, love, kindness with a fierceness unique to my being. This is because I am #6goddess.

I am a goddess because I was created in the image of my Heavenly Father, The Most Supreme God Who Reigns Above All Things Both In Heaven And On Earth, And In Worlds And Dimensions Both Seen And Unseen. I believe this very much and allow it affect how I think, feel and see myself and the evidence of my father’s existence is proven in my life and in all his magnificent creations. Maintaining a positive attitude is a form of worship to my father The King Of All Kings and he rewards me with more Counsel, Guidance, Strength, Wisdom and Grace to persevere on such path which is pleasing to him, enabling me to fulfill my purpose with the gifts he has bestowed on me by his ultimate will.

Who Are You?

You too are a descendant of this Magnanimous Divine Being, and indeed possess very unique gifts and qualities which he has put in you to fulfill your purpose, his will to shine bright and beautifully in reflection to your maker.

What are you doing to harness these gifts and keep them locked down and protected like true gems and treasures as they are?

As I leave you to reflect on yourself and see ways you can improve from the person you were before you read this post, I urge you to please like, comment and share this post with your friends and loved ones so they can benefit or learn something new or feel reinforced in the light of positivity as you have.

Details Of Shoot.

Muse; of course is yours truly @joyneragida

Hair; Kinkywuby

Makeup; Lavivibonita

Photographer; Mr Magic

Until another time my darlings…

Sláinte 🥂

10 thoughts on “I Am #6goddess

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  1. Very thoughtful and inspirational, as usual. There’s a common thread and consistency that runs through different write-ups on various topics. This is sometimes an unappreciated quality of a writer’s skill. Nicely done.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a beautiful read, very inspirational too & the pictures are so good! I’m only beginning to fully understand the power of speaking to yourself, affirming your true nature & feeding your soul. This post makes me want to work on myself even more. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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