How I Got 500 Organic Followers In 12Days On Instagram Using Hashtags

Yes! 500 Followers in 12days, if 500 real followers, i mean like actual human beings who engage with you for free out of sole interest,doesn’t sound like a lot and in 12days isn’t that much of a big deal to you, then i guess you are in the wrong place.

Guys, I won’t share a knowledge I have not practicalise or have no common experience on. This isn’t one of those blogposts you are promised “10k followers in one month” and you struggle to get 100, no this isn’t it.

500 Free Organic Followers

It is of course free, because you’re not buying them neither through a marketing influencer on Instagram or earning coins from an app, or whatever it is people do to get followers they pay money for, that eventually end up unfollowing them. Now i said it is free but it doesn’t mean it’s without work. Before i dive into sharing the hashtags that helped me gain more engaging followers, let me share some tips that you may or may not know you need, to increase your following on instagram and virtually on any other social media.

6 Tips To Increase Your Following

  • 1. You Need A Professional Profile Photo;

Depending on your niche, your profile photo should be a clear photo and distinctive enough that just by staring at it, people get an idea of what you do. This profile photo works hand in hand with tip number 2 which is…

  • 2. An Idiosyncratic Bio;

Yes! an idiosyncratic bio is tip number 2 you need to complement your distinctive profile photo, it doesn’t matter if it’s business or a personal blog, your bio has to be clean and well lined up in a way that portrays brief details of your personality and what your Instagram feed is about. This point, hand in hand with with tip number one is very important because it takes about only 30seconds for someone to decide if they want to follow you or move on from your page, 30 seconds on any social media is alot of time and no time, so you have to make it count with the profile picture and the bio to pick the interest of this your potential new following before you get to keep them with tip number 3.

  • 3. A Cohesive Feed

A cohesive feed is very vital to the success of increasing your Instagram following, I mean this is the main reason anybody opens your profile, to see what you share, what you are about and how some of it can rob off them positively and improve their feeds/lives and take it a notch to another level other than where they currently are. Before I understood how important this tip is after doing so much research on how to gain more organic followers, i struggled and suffered alot with my content. I struggled alot until I realised how much producing contents that matter and in a consistent manner is the key.

( I will be sharing secrets most bloggers don’t share on how, and tools you need for a consistent and cohesive feed in the next blogpost, be sure not to miss it).

  • 4. Share Contents Valuable In Your Niche And To Your Audience

If you do not have a niche or a defined audience then you won’t know what to share that will be valuable to your followers, Instagram, daily, is becoming more of a business platform than a playing ground for photos of our personal interests like we used to think. You need to have an audience or niche that helps you share contents that matters which will keep your followers glued to your page.

  • 5. Captions

Be creative with your captions and make sure you always have a caption, but if you’re one those that “don’t do captions” and it’s been working for you, then good for you. I know a picture speaks a thousand words, but with caption you tend to control how you want your audience to view the image which helps in rediscovering more details about your personality that can make them relate to your feed. After you’ve done all these from tip number 1 to number 5, then you can crown it up with tip number 6.

  • 6. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags and make sure you paste them in the first comment section of your post as shown above to make your post very clean and your caption to stand out. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags/post, you can choose to use all 30 at once for a maximum range of reach or in bits as it appeals to you.

Alot of folks don’t use hashtags anymore due to the ban Instagram placed on some of them, now you may wonder “how do i know which hashtags to use that have not been banned by Instagram” It’s easy, use google. Always google hashtags relevant to your post before you use them, that way you don’t fall a victim of shadow banning depending on your niche. I have heard of apps that people use to find, save hashtags but i haven’t found any easy to use or free, once i do i promise to update this post accordingly.

But if you are a lifestyleblogger, foodblogger, fashion or styleblogger, then you are in luck because below are some hashtags I’ve used personally to gain 500 followers in 12days and recommended them to bloggers who have more followings than i do, and got testimonies that made me eager and confident enough to create this post for you to benefit as well.

For Food;


















For Lifestyle;

#everysquareastory #photosinbetween #lovelysquares #inspiremyinstagram #visualcrush



#feelfreefeed #morningslikethese #seekthesimplicity #darlingmovement #postitfortheaesthetic #pursuewhatislovely #liveunscripted






For Fashion/Styleblogger

#fashionbloggers #bloggerstyle

#ootdmagazine #classyandfashionable #ootdwatch












Note that instagram provides you with tools you can use to track your contents and audience, which shows you what posts are performing very well or the least with details of location where your audience are based.

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I hope this post helps you as much as it helped me, until another time…


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