The Stefan Touch

This is a short review curating the details about my collaboration with Stefan that won us a spot on the bellanaija style blog and Instagram story

as one of the Top 10 African Style bloggers in Abuja. Bellanaija style blog is a top luxury website with an A-list of subscribers worldwide, hence the big deal of being recognized by them as one of the top fashion bloggers in Abuja, Nigeria.

To be honest, I know I have my own unique sense of style and fashion; However, I must say frankly that I am still not over the feeling of the privilege and honourable experience of being recognised by such a prominent and influencing website.

Without further ado, below are the details from the shoot.

Muse: @joyneragida

Makeup artist: @agelessbeautyng

Outfits by: @msjlifestyle

styled by @joyneragida

Fringe Jacket: @Lerouge

Fringe earrings : @closetng

Shoes & Purse: @debbybodyshop

Hair by: @frank

Photographer: @stefan

Assisted by: Joe Grey and co

Location: Sandralia Hotel, Abuja Nigeria.

All Resources/ Contacts used are open and available to all or any interested in employing their services. You can reach them by clicking on the names of parties you’re interested in working with, the link takes you straight to their Instagram pages where you can now send them a Direct Message concerning your interests.

Once again, it’s been fun sharing this success story with you and thank you for celebrating with me, greater things will be rolling in soon.

These greater things i cannot experience magnanimously without your constant encouragement/support. If this is your first time visiting this blog and you were wondering how you could help or be a part of the growth and success of MSJ…,

You can take action, by liking and commenting, tell me things you would like me to research or write about or you can simply share this post to your favourite social media platforms, Or with your friends and loved ones.

Thank You in anticipation of your positive action/response.

until another time…


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