Joie’s Staycation At Transcorp Hilton

Life is short.

Life is fleeting.

There are good moments and there are bad ones too. There are days it feels underwhelming and there are the days when it’s all overwhelming, but we all need a break from it all. What do you do on such days?

A Staycation Is The Cure

I put my best in many things I do, most times I get frustrated that I am not doing enough. Lately producing content has been very difficult for me, mostly because I am very occupied with my professional chef’s training course at #RedDishChronicles Abuja, also due to the fact that I lack basic tools I need to produce the quality of feed I really want. Tools like a topnotch DSLR camera or a phone with a good camera that produces high quality images which is essential to a good blog feed, especially with the competition of old, experienced bloggers and the amount of new bloggers coming up daily. Image quality is the main thing that makes any blogger stand out, whether you are blogging about food, beauty, travel, lifestyle or fashion. My major problem with my content lately has been Editing.

I Started curating contents for my blog and instagram with the intention of producing raw images that most importantly give anyone seeing it the feeling of being there, I didn’t want a situation where my photos look overly enhanced, where “i make a brown wall look white, or a yellow flower look purple” and it left anyone confused negatively that they have to wonder, when they compare my production with the real deal, P.S this is no shade to anyone at all who do this to their photos, it’s just a matter of preference for me... but I didn’t want a natural, real feed at the detriment of no creativity at all either.

Well, lately from my extensive research on driving more insight to my website, I discovered “A cohesive feed” is the main ingredient that adds up to creating a beautiful rich content, besides good writing skills. I’ve tried to work on my page to look the way I really need it to be but it’s been to no avail thus far, I feel stuck and worse it felt like everything else in my life just stopped and wasn’t working either… I guess this is how intensely true what they say about what you focus your energy on is what manifests. All these feelings of being stuck with the pressure of “societal expectation and limitations of running a blog in Nigeria made my heart weigh some more with thoughts of all kind.

Quickie: Running a blog or any type of business that offers a more long term reward than an immediate one is one of the toughest things to do in Nigeria.

If I didn’t take a break from such pool of negativity and daily hassle of hustle with the stress it compounds on me,I was going to crash badly… hence the staycation.

What Is A Staycation?

A staycation is derived from the word Vacation, A vacation as we all know requires an extensive planning, budgeting, saving, packing, traveling, spending, jetlag, unpacking, recuperating from spending amongst many of those other weary things that comes with traveling. A Staycation on the other hand is a break you take by going away without really going away…

Let me explain.

This is a type of break you take alone, or with your significant other if you choose, it could also be with an adorable friend, whatever rocks your boat and helps you relax. It is basically a break you take from your regular life; from the daily routines to the chores and work without really leaving the country or breaking the bank.

You could lodge in a nice hotel within your budget, or a vacation home if you live in a state that provides such luxury to relax and unwind from all your daily hassles and maybe get to do a number of fun things on your list which can be done within your city that you never get to participate in due to your working schedule or budget.

Things To Do On A Staycation

Now the things you do on a staycation is completely personal and depends on what you like to do to relax and unwind from stress. Most folks plan all these many activities to do on a staycaytion, most of these things I’d rather do during my regular days because being a lifestyleblogger entails involving in most of life engaging events which is basically work and sometimes a bit, or in some cases alot of fun for us in the business at the same time.

So for me I like to have a staycation free of most of those activities, I just want to really relax and enjoy my space of not doing anything tasking, either mentally, physically, emotionally and/or even financially, lol this last part however tho is tricky i know.

Here’s What I Do

  • I like to sleep in, in my comfortable room with those fluffy sheets, in beds that have been laid passionately and professionally for me.
  • Take long soothing baths to soak away my sorrows and anxiety while enjoying a bottle of wine.

  • Enjoy a nice breakfast in bed that i didn’t make and not have worry about doing the dishes afterwards.
  • Enjoy a good movie with all my electronic devices turned off with no distraction from the outside world, just before i choose to go out for lunch or remain within the hotel facilities.
  • If i am feeling like it, a picnic in any of the parks can suffice in place of lunch in the hotel or a restaurant within proximity.
  • I also take the opportunity to explore the facilities of the hotel as Hilton is a very big luxury hotel that provides so much you can be involved with and not have to leave the hotel unless you’re checking out.

  • Spa treatments and long sun bathing for my melanin skin by the pool side.

After all these in the midst of other activities not documented or mentioned, I am ready to return home more vibrant and ready to take on the world. Although very reluctantly as I do not wish for my staycation to end but daringly for my reality calls.

If you would like for a more engaging staycation then look out for my post on Fun Things To Do In Abuja. And see ways you can apply it on your to do list for your staycation.

Quickie: Here’s a tip for influencers and bloggers with high engagement, note that you can enjoy an all paid staycation without spending a dime only with just your success as an influencer thus far. For more information on how you can achieve this, feel free to email me at MSJ or send a DM to my Instagram @joyneragida .


Thank You For Reading Through To The End. Until Another Time;


4 thoughts on “Joie’s Staycation At Transcorp Hilton

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  1. New word alert: STAYCATION!

    I liked the part where you said one needs to get away from the norm to clear their head. Psychologist advise this too.
    Great post 👍🏾

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The experience seems really refreshing. Never knew I could take a vacation without really taking a vacation. Thanks for the post, I’m def’ gonna do this this Dec. I won’t partake in the #STRESSFUL yearly ritual of Xmas/New Year travels.

    Liked by 1 person

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