It’s been a long fast, slow day… confusing yet so clear, misty yet so glaring. It’s been a day filled with realization… what a quiet day with such loud echoes…

As I sat on my pavement to appreciate the rebirth, revelation and evolution of the day 24.10.18; Thinking about how I was a year older today, and the very next day I leave to join my mother in the village to bury my grandfather, my last surviving grandparent but now he was gone.

I swammed in thoughts of the past and drowned in the anxieties of my future. The beginning of my rising from the ashes like a phoenix reborn.

I realised; Jehovah Is All I Need.

Jehovah God is all I need is an affirmation that has been reoccurring since the past 9months of 24.10.17, but it never felt stronger and so surreal but unbelievably true like it did today.

On my pavement with my furry ever loyal Greek god. I fixated my gaze on the shinning moon showing off her glow in the clear dark skies with no stars to compete the attention of, and my gratitude for her awe inspiring beauty that I behold. She made me realise more the words that say;

She and I were talking and she made me know; “it’s ok to change” as I begged that she deliver my wishes to Jehovah God on my behalf and of those that I love, hold and cherish…. lost in my thoughts whilst floating in my fixation.

A very dark cloud came crawling, it was so dark that it pricked my heart with terror and i whispered, “Lord Please don’t let it cover the moon.” I said it repeatedly as though I wished my words were powerful enough to make it stop, but it kept crawling, kept crawling and slowly and gradually it did until it covered her and stole her gaze away from me.

I was so sad I couldn’t stop the clouds from covering the moon, but in seconds; barely a minute, the clouds vanished into thin air, and all I could see was the moon shinning ever moreso as though she had just been polished by the dark creeping clouds.

Only then did I recognise how precisely true these words are; Both the dark clouds, the clear ones, and the stars make the moon even more beautiful as she is, for without the skies, she will not yet be known.

Although uniquely beautiful in their own ways as these universal entities are, together they adorned the moon like a bride bedecked in the most priceless jewels waiting for her groom, the king to behold.

Astonished by how Jehovah God just showed me the beauty of the cycle of life and how everything in nature is in accordance with His ordinance. I grasped the knowledge that “Nothing in nature blooms all year round” and that; without the storms and dark clouds (dark times), we cannot fully apprehend the opportunity and special gift of Life as we know itThe feeling of being blessed and staying alive by the Grace of God.

I reckoned with this fact and appreciated my life some more, I counted my blessings, my accomplishments and compared it with the things i lacked that; weighed on me so much, only to realise it wasn’t anything at all when compared to the latter.

Alot of us when we want something get so obsessed we forget to appreciate what we have, and in most cases like mine; we get that thing we want so bad only when we stop to value what we already have. God is so deep and filled with so much wisdom our human minds will not in a million lifetime be able to discern but he helps, by gifting us wisdom we can comprehend in our imperfect state; this is attainable only if we pay attention, listen and heed his words.

You are all I need, and I’ve always had you, I got carried away by the anxieties of this world that I took my eyes off the prize… The prize of securing a place in your Everlasting Kingdom. And this past year from 24.10.17 through to the beginning of 24.10.18, you have opened my eyes to your revelation through “your never ceasing undeserving kindness…”

To this blessing of a new chapter, I say; Thank You Oh Jehovah, I Am Humbled And Most Grateful. Thank You As I Petition And Beseech You Through The Name Of Your Son; Our Reigning King, Christ Jesus. – Amen πŸ™

Photocredit: Pinterest And Deviant Art

Until another time,


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