Bur Artletic

Bur Artletic is a sportswear brand established in Nigeria by Miss Mngohol Bur, in the year 2014.

Her entrepreneurial idea of the sports wear apparels was borne from her love of sports. As I clearly know, she’s that one friend I have that I can brag about winning any sports game with, including; although totally unrelated but I must say Mortal Kombat . She whoops my a** like no man’s business in MK like a lot… She taught tennis for a while and indulges in taekwondo,swimming, squash, and rollerblading, just to mention a few amongst many others.

In October 7th, 2017 she even organized a cycling race for the awareness of #mentalhealth,

in the streets of Benue State. I mean that’s how really good she is and very passionate about sports which led to starting her own Sports Apparel Company;

Bur Artletic.

Her first edition was launched in 2015 featuring several brand ambassadors who were top influencers in their various niche, topping the list with the likes of Mishdoo,- A pro makeup artist and beauty educator, Avana,- fitness guru,Yogi and branding entrepreneur, Including Iwuese,- writer, poet & content curator, Claire,- Artisan & Blogger And of course Yours truly Moi.

This year, 2018; she is back with more eccentric designs that will leave you looking stylish and fit while you work out…

Did I mention, how climate friendly these apparels are…

And I am not just blowing her horns merely as a brand ambassador, I am testifying from my use as well as personal testimonies, and experiences of folks that have enjoyed using the brand as per recommendations;

who, first hand benefited from the functionality, durability and feel, the Bur Artletic fabrics used in achieving such masterpieces provide.

So what then, are you waiting for?

Hurry now and get yours by pre-ordering Here before these symetrical limited edition of gym apparel designs go out of stock. With Bur Artletic you can start your work out to achieving that fit body you’ve always dreamt of, that body you get to flaunt; come 2019 summertime.

All you need to do is follow the account @burartletic, on Instagram and send her a direct message (dm), or you can send her an email, any extra information like contact phone number that you may require is listed on her Instagram description. You see? Unequivocally easy breezy.

Sportswear/gym kit

So I urge and employ you my darlings to patronize this small business, because in doing so, you support the creative dreams of a lady whose society makes it tough to survive by earning money the right way and in turn, you are also maintaining the jobs of her earnest employees. #buynaijatogrowthenaira.

Quickie; Don’t forget to recommend the brand to friends and loved ones, special bonuses apply per recommendations of three people from one link.

Thank You,

For reading through to the end, once again please take action of supporting this blog by sparing the time to like, comment and share this post or/and any others from our site with your friends and loved ones…

Before I sign off today, I know we mostly talk about lifestyle with regards to living a good life, food, fashion, finances and mental health but here’s one thought;

What are your spiritual goals for 2019?

Until another time…


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  1. This is awesome!!! Thank you so much! You have a great platform here❀, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of it πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  2. Great post. Whoever designed that logo did a GREAT job. It has all the elements of a good design (I’m sorry design and artistry is kinda my forte).

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