How I Rocked The “Jo Dress” By Pinkxrystal

*inserts Billie Eilish | Copycat*

Now nodding my head to the lyrics and enjoying a bowl of spicy spring onion Barilla sedani rigati pasta I made for supper while curating this post.I am feeling really estactic because this is the first time, anyone ever named something after me, and barely 24hours it is already a #bestseller.

Thank you so much @Pinkxrystal for doing me the honors.

*clears throat*

Ok let’s get to it… 😊

The Jo Dress

It is a midi dress made from very beautiful patterned ankara fabrics with comfortable crepe sleeves and hem detail. Its definitive cut deliberately tailored loose yet in a way that is figure flattering for all shapes and sizes.

It was a Saturday and of course, there are always “two million” and one things to be done on my Saturdays. I genuinely don’t know why I set myself up like that with lots of magnanimous tasks/goals all to be achieved in 18hours of the day; I mean how do i even put myself in such spots?

The Schedule

So my shoot was set for 7am while the #TBA Vision board party was for 12noon.

The Preamble

4:00am my alarm goes off, i lagged in bed lazily hoping I could just get 1 more hour of sleep, as it was just about two hours ago i started sleeping… I’d slept as late as 2am, because the previous day I had to deliver some cakes in a neighbouring town and unfortunately got caught up in traffic on my way home, got in so late but still had to clean up my house and arrange myself for the weekend, seeing that my Saturday was going to be a long busy one, and sundays are for meetings and compulsory rest.

The Execution

Long story short, I made it Mrs Ck for my makeup and ended up on the streets of Panache at 7:30am, this is the first time I’d be shooting without the luxury of my car being “my 5star changing room” an experience I’ll never forget in a hurry due to the unfortunate overcharge by the cab driver recommended me.

Click click,

we found ourselves at the main entrance of millenium park which is mostly never used, and we created this magic,

with “The Jo Dress” made by,


Filling fulfilled yet anxious not to miss my next appointment I made it home to drop off my “mobile shoot wardrobe” to return to Millennium Park for @Thebloggersadvocate #VisionBoardParty which will be curated in the next post.

The “Jo dress” is a still available for order, you can get yours Here.

Designer: @Pinkxrystal

Photography: @Peterchryz

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My bowl of pasta has left me rather “edacious”… I have to go πŸ™ˆ

Until another share,

Bonne JournΓ©e… ⚘

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