Joie De Vivre In Coffeeshop; How I Took Paris To Cake Hut In Abuja

When you hear the word sophistication, what comes to your mind?

For me, it is Europe.

It is sort of like everything about it, from the accent, to its intense fashion trends with unique edgy, yet so classy style effortlessly expressed in their taste of Art, Entertainment and Dinning.

When I say Europe, my two favourite countries just pop up in my mind; France and Italy. Only one image seems to be more striking in the midst of the many representations though, which is the Eiffel tower. Yes, I dream and fantasize about living in France a lot.

I just sit and let my mind wander off imagining myself enjoying some opera based on Tales of Hoffman( a dark operatic masterpiece), William Shakespeare’s literature or a life adaptation play of Tchaikovsky’s Fantastical ballet to stir up my appetite and crowning it up with a treat to an exquisite dinner in a french restaurant where the waiters make English sound so exotic because of their native tongue.

Well, as you my wonderful readers already know, a-girl’s got big dreams…

Quickie; To Know more about me, here’s something from my previous post.10 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

Unfortunately I don’t have what it takes financially to pursue some of these dreams as goals currently, so I am just going to share what I have the ability to do now and how I did it; By taking Paris To Cakehut with my outfit of the day.

What Is Cakehut ?

Cakehut is a local coffeeshop with a voguish spectacle furnishings, where they cater meals that gratify the palate of all pastry lovers. They offer varieties from teas to coffees, shakes to smoothies, cakes (I hear their cakes are bliss from this review by Dates With Ro), to salads amongst many other delightfulness including soups.

A little bliss in every bite.


where is cakehut located?

It is located in River plate park, Wuse 2.

just beside Junkyard grill near the central mosque.

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday

9:00am to 9:00pm

Sundays: 12noon to 9:00pm

Preface To My Visit To Cakehut Cafe

You know those days when the cravings of pancakes and waffles hit you, I have a favourite place I go, to fulfill such urges. But today, I decided to try a new spot for the purpose of aesthetic.

I found myself in cakehut cafe and the last time I was here for brunch I had wings with mozzarella cheese pasta,

which honestly didn’t contain enough cheese as I would have loved. I found that dish tasty yet so disappointing as it did not hold the promise or rather provide the satisfaction that came with the name of the meal.

What I Ordered

2 Pancakes with 1 oreo shake and a bottle of water for N7,140

So today, I decided to be more practical and opt for a decent plate of pancakes with an oreo shake, I had huge expectation about how I thought my shake would look like (a beautiful blend with chocolate dripping and hoops of Oreos sitting prettily oozing with the moxie words of “consume me”)… imagine my disappointment when it arrived in a nutella jar with its content looking like “milk and milo” mixed together, served in a jar and then called “Oreo shake”.

Quickie: Milo is a brand cocoa beverage commonly sold in Nigeria by the brand Nestle .

It looked so plain and unaesthetically pleasing, I thought if they transferred it into another drinkingware, it would feel much better, but no! it just looked worse so I ended up having it in a coffee mug.

The taste however was mind blowing, I guess you could say it brought some sort of consolation to my being despondent.

Anyways long story short, I finished my meal, curated my content which by the way was cut short for reasons I’d rather not dwell on further and I left.


  • It is a very cozy cafe with state-of-the-art designs originating from the northern part of Nigeria organized in such cultured decor.
  • A lot of craft and woven artifacts were available for sale at reasonable prices.
  • They have a unique range and collection of books from various Authors; so rich i bought three of their books.
  • The chef is really good and the staff are very polite,especially the very tall handsome looking fella that attended to me, his demeanour is very calm and professional (I’m sorry i didn’t catch his name but he deserves to be the manager)


  • It is poorly lit, so if you intend to take professional photos, you’ll be needing extra lighting or perhaps choose any of the angles that are better lit to shoot at.
  • Plating is not very impressive, although I like the choice of eatingware as it goes with the theme of the place, I just don’t fancy the presentation especially with the shakes, it has no character; just blends that i feel could be better.
  • You have to inform them ahead of time before you can show up with proffessional shooting gadgets. Even though I was the only client present, this was a little bit of hiccup allowing me shoot.

My Dinning Experience

Overall my dinning experience was filled with oomph and I’d say they earned a 3-star rating in my books,

1-star for how really good their meals taste.

1-star for decor.

And 1-star for services; the chef and the waiters were very professional and nice.

Did I enjoy it enough to visit again despite my previous experiences? Definitely! there are way more compelling features to have you coming back compared to those that are supposed to keep you away.

And I totally look forward to hearing your dinning experiences and what meals you tried on their menu, which I would have the pleasure of trying as per your recommendations.

*Inserts* Mike Okri – Time Na Money

Now singing the lyrics into fade…

Photography: Some photos were taken with my phone and the professional shots by Stefan M.

Thank you for engaging with this post,

please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below; Also, if there are places you’ve heard of and would like for me to visit and review to save you some unnecessary cost and nastiness presented by some of these establishments, feel free to drop them in the comment session.

Or you can connect with me on any of my social medias here and here or Twitter.

Until another share…


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  1. I hardly ever read reviews to the end! Great read. And yes! Your Paris style was on point and photos are awesome. Well done miss sophisticated 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for sharing your thoughts, I look forward to engaging more with you. Please don’t forget to subscribe by entering your email, this is so that you get our newsletter and my reviews first hand


    1. Thanks darling, that means alot to me, most people don’t read through the entire review and end up missing important details of my experiences that can better aide their experiences. But I am glad you did.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is well written and gives one both mental and visual images of what the place is about. Makes one feel as if one were there personally. A very helpful review that is bound to save you time in deciding whether to head over for a treat or look elsewhere for what catches your fancy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No I wasn’t charged for the shoot because I’d been there before and I patronised them worth 18k and today 7k plus so… But the manager still harassed me a bit and made the rest of my team uncomfortable, can’t say I blame her tho, she was only acting on her little or no knowledge of what free PR means. Anyways if you are ever interested in improving your phone Photography skills, I teach classes at intervals for a stipend, feel free to email me

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a tripod that I never use … Maybe I will start using it now that I have to start my YouTube I just hope it doesn’t get blown away πŸ˜‚ in the middle of sessions


    2. I love how detailed your review was ! Your outfit is so lovely, little wonder your pictures came out great. I want your plaid blazerrrrr 😍😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s what I thought too, the shakes are even N1,500 just blends and no character but the taste is good and the ambiance so making the decision to patronise or not is a very personal choice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the blog and for pointing that thing out to me too, have a splendid day.


    1. Thank you for visiting the blog and sharing your thoughts Ay.
      Please don’t forget to subscribe by entering your name and email, this is so that you can get our newsletter first hand. I look forward to engaging more with you on the blog. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your day.


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