3 Basic Facts Why Creatives Love Cafes; – A Papparoti Review

Are you a coffee or tea person or just maybe both depending on the mood?

The look of a blogger dinning alone

A common depiction of a blogger dinning alone

It’s not consciously intentional that we do this; cup of coffee in one hand and phone in the other, this is basically the sight of many Creatives/Influencers/Bloggers when caught dinning alone, (or anyone whose office is predominantly – The Internet).

For some, it maybe a resourceful book in hand or their laptop screen opened in front of them while there is barely ever enough space left for the food.

You could say the art of multitasking is our secret weapon.

However the preferred working tool that sparks or inspires their creative minds, there’s always coffee or a cup of tea close and I am here to share three basic reasons why.

Why Bloggers/Creatives Love Cafes

  • Free WiFi ( the magnetic marketing strategy most establishment use to lure millennials like worms on hook line as bait to fishes.
  • Aesthetics (condusive working environment for creatives)
  • Good food (usually involves freshly brewed coffee)

1. Free WiFi

What else can I say about this? It’s WiFi and it is free.

You see, blogging full time as a career or being a social media manager/marketer or strategist requires that you have to be online a lot of the time, which often requires a lot of data for browsing (except when you’re creating or perhaps curating offline) and data in Nigeria is very expensive. This expensive nature is the reason why few establishments offer free WiFi as perks to why people should patronize them.

Although I must admit that not so many of them live up to this promise/fulfilment or even have functional wifi that can actually load or open a portal yet they still advertise “free WiFi”

Today’s review is brought to you from the cafe chain business; – Papparoti the Wuse 2 branch.


Papparoti is a bakery and dessert cafe that caters to the sweettoots of every “sugar mixed with flour loving personality” out there. With such variety ranging from their famous fresh out of the oven baked roti buns to their sandwiches made of croissants stacked with vegetables and protein to intricately brewed coffee and a large range of interesting collection of tea flavors from teapig. Not forgetting to mention their full-bodied shakes amongst other provisions on the menu.


A labyrinthine of teapig flavors

Quickie: I’d just rounded up the shoot for “The Jo Dress” by Pinkxrystal and I needed breakfast before heading to my first vision board party by TBA in case you missed that post see it here.

I got to Papparoti cafe at about some minutes past 10:00am as per recommendation by Petre Chris, image expert who helped in taking these awesome photos to curate this experience. But had to wait for a while because despite the fact that their Instagram bio says they open 10:00am, they however don’t open on the weekends until 11:00am

2. Aesthetic

Creativity is how we translate what we see into how we feel.

This can therefore be said to be a reasonable understanding as to why creatives are drawn to the calm, cozy aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that can trigger their creative juices and keep them coming that a cafe with great ambiance adequately provides.


Papparoti is located on;

Number 16, Bangui street, wuse II,

Abuja, Nigeria.

Opening Hours

Mondays to Fridays

10:00am – 10:00pm

Saturdays & Sundays

11:00am – 09:00pm

3. Good Food

“One cannot think well if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

So we have free wifi, aesthetics with good lighting and good food with the promise of freshly brewed coffee, now as a foodblogger or lifestyle blogger I’ll tell you this, having all these resources in one place especially in a camera friendly establishment is gold for many influencers

What I Ordered

Caramel macchiato combo with bun and turkey sandwich for N4,100

Because i was really hungry and they only serve mostly dessert options and mainly pastries, I ordered a nice cup of caramel macchiato with a croissant turkey sandwich

and the papparoti’s infamous bun.

Quickie: You can find the rest of their menu on their instagram story highlight Here.

The bun was a perfectly shaped roti garnished with a pattissarie caramelized caramel cream with a hint of sweet salty bite of butter in the middle.

While the turkey croissant sandwich was juicy and tender with fresh vegetables comprising of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber stacked in the middle which provided a more satisfying fill as opposed to having a chocolate garnash.

Even though I didn’t specify, my croissant was well browned with a flaky crust, just the way I love to enjoy my pastries.


  • I loved everything about the place, services, the food and the ambiance.
  • It is well lit and camera friendly, so this is one place many creatives will love to dine and work at very much.

  • It is obvious maintenance is paramount and frequently carried out as everything looked in order and well neatly placed.

  • Everything is baked fresh, hot out of the oven.
  • It is cozy and private, not heavily populated which makes it a good spot for a romantic breakfast.


  • It is located on a street heavily populated with wide range of restaurants and cafes, If you are not focused on making it your final destination, you could be easily distracted by the choices of all the other restaurants available en route.
  • They do not open early on the weekends.

My Dinning Experience

I had a scrumptious experience with the croissant sandwich and the dainty roti buns, hence the rating: 4star

2 – stars for the meal, I really enjoyed the execution of the baking skills expressed so vainly.

1 – star for aesthetics

1 – star for services, it was very effective and highly professional.

Will I be visiting this spot again, oh yes, most definitely.

This time I will be coming for their shakes and cheesecake.

It is safe to say by now you can categorically tell your friends atleast 3 reasons why creatives/bloggers are drawn to cafΓ©s.

We never spend our money without analysing the obvious value we stand to gain in return. It is mostly about getting our money’s worth.

This method I implore you my wonderful readers to adopt, as it would help you in managing your resources better, that way; you won’t need to spend unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you made it to this part of the post, I’d like to appreciate you for putting up with my pool of words.

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Until another share…


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  1. β€œThe bun was a perfectly shaped roti garnished with a pattissarie caramelized caramel cream with a hint of sweet salty bite of butter in the middle.β€œ
    The quote above is why I love to read your posts. You carry us along. Now I want to β€˜splurge’ at Paparotti😩😩

    Well done JO πŸ‘πŸΎ

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    1. Thanks Tony, I appreciate your engaging with the blog, please don’t forget to subscribe so you can get our newsletter first hand. Also do share with us what you would like to see more on the blog.


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