Why Crochet Patterns Are So Sexy

Hello MSJ darlings,

what has been the highlight of your year thus far?

While I leave you to ponder on that thought, which I hope you will be willing to share with me at the end of today’s read, let me go further and show you what crotchet patterns I am currently loving.

The Yarn That Gets Me

Crochet patterns are so sexy by the systematic way in which each yarn is made with the different crochet patterns available ranging from the granny stitch to post stitch, front & back loop, spiked stitch, shell stitch, chevron or ripple stitch, puff stitch, to primrose stitch.

I am a huge fan of all the patterns/stitches as long as it is crotchet.

As the month of February runs deep into itself, you find that the climate for those of us in the tropics becomes really hot, infact In Nigeria, February & March are the most dreaded months before the rains arrive. Almost every other day we dress lightly due to our warm climate.

Quickie: Nigerian climate is a tropical hot climate with temperatures that can go as high as 44 degrees at about this time of the year, you can learn more about Nigerian’s climate here

Global warming has however left the calendar rather unpredictable. some days you wake up and it’s very cold, with the airy dryness of harmattan blowing through the rusty dry leaves all around. This makes picking the right outfit a bit of a challenge. As you’d find that early in the day it’s very cold, and at noon to early evenings it becomes rather warm… But thankfully the rains came early this year even before February met its end.

But as the months progressed through March to April, the heat has been insanely unbearable and the craving for full body immersion into a large pool of water deepens.

This gives me the perfect excuse of expressing my current obsession of knitwear and showing off my unique pieces

from @crochectng until it gets too hot and I have to put them away for another season.

What Is A Knit.

A knitwear is a piece of clothing woven from wool by system of crocheting either with the use of machines or manually by the use of whook through various stitch patterns available as mentioned above; this is done by creating yarns in a continuous pattern which can be very tedious and time consuming.

Why I Love @crochetng Knitting

All my pieces from @crochetng were manually made and as she would always say,

“It’s not just about the money to me, no amount of money can equate the time and effort I put into creating each piece, but it is worth selling a story because each crochet piece I make has a story.”

For me, it’s another story entirely created besides the one she has behind every piece, it’s a piece of motivation and huge source of inspiration embodied in creativity, because the more i think about the details of each woven piece and knowing that one young girl in Nigeria made this with her bare hands instead of being idle or wasting her time away on unproductive activities, encourages me to use my time better and wisely.

I have huge admiration for her work and creativity. I hope and pray she gets the due credits and exposure she deserves for her handiwork and the resilience she has exercised unrelentlessly despite the struggles that comes with being an Entrepreneur in a society like ours ( Nigeria ).

To Get Your Own Unique Designs Made;

You can reach out to her on Instagram here.

Note that each piece you buy goes into supporting and encouraging a young woman’s life as an entrepreneur, it also serves as a piece of motivation for her to go on and stay afloat in a society that is doing everything it can to dampen her efforts… and in so doing you also get to rock very hot Crochet pieces which you can wear to the pools, beach and even do yoga in.

I’d say thank you in anticipation of your positive response in supporting this young lady’s small business, because I have strong hope that you will support a girl’s dream by patronizing or help in creating more visibility for her.

That being said;

What has been the highlight of your year thus far?

I will be sharing highlights of my year on my instastory, so be sure to stay tuned so you don’t miss it, however I’d like to hear yours so feel free to share it in the comments below or on the Q&A section of my Instagram highlight story here.

Photo-credit: Most photos were shot by Muktar Hassan, a couple by Mr Magic and others by Crotchetng

If you made through to this part, thank you for sticking with me till the end.

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Bonus: Here’s a photo from behind the scene of one of an image shown above, shot by Mr Magic.ng

If you would like to see more BTS from most of the images i use for my blogposts, feel free to visit my instagram story highlight.

As always, it is a pleasure engaging with you my darlings, until another share….

Bonne Jurnee

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