The Relish Of Caféchocolat

First time I heard about Cafechocolat, the film Chocolat; based on a Joanne Harris novel, set in a French village about a romantic comedy-drama starring; Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina, Carrie-Anne Moss et al immediately comes to mind.

Having the knowledge of the irresistible feeling of enjoying the complex sensory experience of creamy, earthy notes of chocolates in its delicate yet distinctive flavor and texture profiles in its variety made me want to visit Cafechocolat all the more.

Café Chocolat Abuja

Cafechocolat is a patisserie haven that serves breakfast, pastry in its French baking indulgent variety, Desserts with hearty flavors and sweetness that oozes the soul pleasantly paired with coffee, tea and a long list of other tantalizing beverages. They also cater to private parties and run a right on time delivery service.

Quickie: This Review is based on my 4th visit to the cafe.


Cafechocolat is located on;

No. 3b Cairo Crescent, Wuse II,

Abuja, Nigeria.

Opening Hours

Mondays – Sundays

8:00am – 8:00pm

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It was one of those mornings I didn’t get the opportunity to make my own breakfast before heading out, and my mood for the day craved consistency without the strength or chill to deal with the disappointment of a poorly executed meal or bad service, hence my 4th visit.

What I Ordered

I had a slice of banana-loaf cake with strawberry iced tea for less than N2000.

The banana-loaf cake being a favorite gave me the satisfaction I derive from eating my “own bake”.

Its crunchiness on the outside leading to the rich filled density of the loaf cake on the inside with the crème chantilly and syrup dripping to the sides is indeed a show off of culinary masterpiece, seasoned with experience; yes I was that impressed by the taste of each bite until it was all gone.

Then I had this exotic summertime treat; my strawberry iced tea in its boastful rich, well concentrated red color with amazing flavor and taste to wash it down in such savory decadence. I could tell the tea used as its base was properly brewed at the right temperature.


  • The food is so tasty and cheap it is such a steal.
  • Ambiance is calm, cozy with a chic touch, which makes it perfect for business meetings.
  • The setup makes for a good workspace.
  • There’s sufficient circulation/supply of air conditioning.
  • Services is impressive, the staff are very pleasant and professional.
  • This one is my favorite; there’s Free WiFi that actually works and loads very fast.
  • It is children friendly.
  • It is easily located.
  • Cons
    • It is sparsely populated if you’re one that’s into all that “paparazzi” of crowded spaces.
  • Rating My Dinning Experience
  • The adventure my palate had was such a relish therefore it deserves 4-star
  • 2-star for the meal, because every time I visit, taste is consistent and satisfactory.
  • 1-star for the classy aesthetics
  • 1-star for impressive delivery of services
  • Clearly this is one spot I’ll be frequenting quite a lot. And I can’t wait to hear your experiences with what meals you try.

  • Quickie: A suggestion, try their doughnuts
  • Contact info:
  • +234 815 387 6137

  • Photography: Alevaphotography and my iPhone.

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