Layering – A modest way of turning your sexy clothing to good church girl can slay too

For the longest time I’ve struggled in trying to find a balance between the way I used to dress and delving into modest fashion (No I’m not a fan of the club that mean wearing ugly ill fitted clothing is seen as modest, lol forgive me.)

Layered fashion
Standing pretty in layers

What then is modest fashion?

Wikipedia defines modest fashion or modest dressing as the;

Trend in women wearing less skin-revealing clothes, especially in a way that satisfies their spiritual and stylistic requirements for reasons of faith, religion or personal preference.

The interpretation of modest fashion varies from culture to one’s own comfort. For me, it’s more about reasons related to faith. This, thus magnifies my need to excel in the struggle to dress modestly. For the very reason that I’ve been known to be one who indulges in the fittest and tight clothing form of fashion.

Bearing that in mind goes a long way to explain why the collaboration with Ashley Ashley

That’s so Ashley

had such profound effect on me; Tribe


as she is the best layering fashion stylist on the gram I know currently.

Ashley by #nobodyshotit

And the way she plays with colors… Stunning right?, ( I know).

I am definitely going to be creating more of these layered looks in 2020.

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Do tell what you think about these looks and any other tips you could share in aiding my struggles in harnessing modest fashion in the comment section.


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Photographer : Hanz

Until another share…


20 thoughts on “Layering – A modest way of turning your sexy clothing to good church girl can slay too

Add yours

  1. This is an amazing content…thank you for sharing.
    Well even though I don’t know you, I had to visit as soon as I found it on Ashley’s page. Her dress sense is one to die for and yunno, it’s amazing you’re taking classy but modest to the streets. I’m really glad you two are working together.
    I can’t wait to see more of you guys!😁❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I also love Ashley’s style that the reason I followed her on the gram I’m also a fan of layering. This was insightful and you’re both beautiful

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice looks. You two look fabulous and extraordinarily creative.
    Perhaps you have a marketing outlet or store where you could redirect us for purchases if we so wish to buy what you’re wearing.
    Or you offer consultation services for some of us that wish to look good but don’t know how to dress or express the vibe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for visiting the blog and leaving such thoughtful comment, for tags on brands and clothings I wear, please follow my instagram page @joyneragida and for style consultation I’d recommend @Telasafriq by Vee on Instagram, tell her JO sent you.
      I hope to see more of you on the blog. Do take care and thanks again.


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