La Taverna

I always have a specific thing that’s opulent about the restaurants I pick to review besides the food and aesthetics. Most times it’s just the way the name is pronounced, what it means and how it resonates with me.

With my intense focus on the hopes of living in Europe some day, you’d understand why I found the name La Taverna very indulging.

La Taverna

La Taverna is a Spanish restaurant with a tinge of Greek quirk run by the illustrious Chilean, Chef Duhalde.


Located on the 5th floor of statement hotel, central business district,

Abuja, Nigeria.

Contact Information For Reservations



Unfortunately I don’t have the exact details pertaining their opening and closing hours as it is not stated anywhere on the restaurant’s description.

What I Ordered

I ordered the grilled chicken salad for N 3,500with a bottle of white Mapu wine for N 6,000. My companion Dante had about thesame bowl of salad as-well accompanied with a basket of complementary bread with chilli sauce.

The dressing for the salad was a veritable recipe with such satisfactory blend. I enjoyed it so much I requested for more.

Our meal in total cost was N 13,500


  • It is located where it’s very easy to find.
  • The ambiance and aesthetic have the feel of a little European cottage in Africa, specifically Nigeria.
    • The restaurant is stocked with pretty decent variety of wine from robust red to a riesling white.

    • Their staff is well trained, very effective and polite. The lady that served us was exceptionally sweet, Her name is Gladys.( she deserves

“employee of the month in mybooks”)

  • Cons
      • Although we were given permission to shoot my content with a digital camera, management however made our stay very uneasy by frantically pacing around us and asking us how much longer we were going to be creating despite the fact we were the only ones present. I didn’t quite like that very much considering how much we were already spending and could be spending. Honestly I don’t think making your customers uneasy is a smart way of getting them to spend more money. And the craziest part is the fact that we were literally the only ones in the restaurant.
    • Cost for a full course meal is not cheap.
  • Quickie: Related, Read about The Alluring Dome.
  • My Dinning Experience

    Regardless of the mini-hurdle, my meal was extremely appetizing and service was canny.

    I’d give it a 3-star rating,

    1 -star for the meal.

    1 -star for the decor.

    1 -star for services, they were really professional and polite.

    Will I be visiting this place again? – Totally.

    But I can’t say if a bowl of salad is enough to rate it more or less. I do intend to visit the place multiple times (without a digital camera of course) for the adventure of enjoying some real Spanish meals and I promise to update this rating accordingly.

    Quickie: It still beats me when managers or owners of such establishments treat creatives in a such a cynical manner, considering that we are at your place spending our money and offering you free publicity and advertisement with our creative photos and reviews. I mean we are basically giving you such value which we charge similar establishments a lot for, to you for free.

    Anyways I look forward to hearing your experiences and what meals you choose to try.

    Photography: Dante of Dantesvisions

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    Until another share,


    10 thoughts on “La Taverna

    Add yours

    1. Aaah. I like La Taverna, Abuja. I never went with a digital camera so that experience never happened. Sorry about that. It would have been better for them to have just said no than to agree and then seem to be ungracious.

      Then again, you never know what weird things may have happened before. I think though, that they could have handled it better.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. We were literally the only ones there, one of the managers when I introduced myself to her and showed her what I do, she “jokingly” states “you are supposed to pay us to use the place” lol I hate it when people ignorantly spill such derogatory things all in the name of “running a business” forgetting that influencers are a huge part of the market now.

        Anyways I do appreciate you visiting the blog today, Thank you loads and it’s good to have you here.


    2. It’s actually quite annoying when this happen. The other day, I went out with some creatives and while eating and creating content, the lady came to ask us when we were leaving as the place was reserved for a party.

      We eventually stepped out but because we still have some catching up to do, we sat outside for another hour or more and up till when we left, nobody came in for any party.

      It’s quite rude and wrong and these people need to do more better especially when it’s around creatives who get to give you free promotion.

      Liked by 1 person

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