I wasn’t planning to do a review on this look per se, since I’ve been struggling with writer’s block, or so I thought to myself. But people have talked so much about how they really love how I pieced my outfit together.

After watching @salemkinging’s video, I honestly felt attacked and realized that there are no such things as writer’s block, or it’s not that I’m way too busy to write/create; Rather, it’s simply because;

I was too afraid to put out content that I didn’t think or feel would be considered putting in my best .
But then again, how would I know if I never ever create and allow myself make such mistakes to learn from them. So thank you Salemking for inspiring this.

Quickie: if you would like to watch the video that sparked my creative juices to create this post, HERE is a link.

A white shirt and jean is something almost everyone owns in their closet but I agree it can be boring and seen as being lazy to make an effort to dress up sometimes, so this post is put together to show you ways, you can style your regular white shirt and jean into a #styleinspo with just few basic staples as listed below;


  • Hat (fedora, berets, snapbacks)
    Bag (could be handbags,crossbody, tote, waistbag e.t.c
    Shoes ( boots, heels, sneakers, sandals, court-shoes, pumps e.t.c)
    Accessories (like sunglasses, watches, earrings, rings, e.t.c)
    Blazer/ Jackets
  • Now while the list of staples you need maybe endless, one thing I use as guideline in just about almost everything I do is the…
  • The Rule Of Third or Golden Rule Of 3

  • The rule of 3rd or the golden rule of 3 as some people may refer to it, in this context is choosing staples, pieces or colors not more than 3. Even chefs use this rule as a guideline for plating but they would mostly refer to it as the Odd number rule which begins with plating meals from 3,5, 7…… e.t.c.So I use the golden rule of three to keep my style simple and elegant to avoid being unnecessarily extra or tacky. Neither do I wanna appear like I’m trying too much by overly accessorizing, keyword:- Effortless.

    Which is why I styled my regular jean and white shirt, with a Hat, scarf, and shoes.

    The reason behind my choice of staples was because I was attending a creative business meeting with a fashion brand C.E.O, it wasn’t an interview but more like a consultation, hence the casual tone of jeans and my shirt not being tucked in.

    To create a more semi-formal look, I’d probably throw in a blazer, keep the scarf and ditch the hat, pair it with a bag that makes a statement more sapient than the hat probably would have shown.

    Because this is not a carefully thought out post, I have limited photos to show the different ways each staple can be styled using the Golden rule of 3. But something tells me you guys get the idea and I can’t wait to see how you style your jean with white shirt into something that’s going to be revered as a masterpiece.

    Quickie: Don’t forget to tag me or any of my social media, twitter or Instagram when you style yourself using any of these staples with the golden rule. I am so excited to see what you create and I look forward to it.

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    Photography: iPhone 11

    Until another share…



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