Breakfast At Cactus – Post – Lockdown Cravings

I’ve had this post in my draft for a while now, since the first week of March, it was from my trip to Lagos in February, of course due to my procrastination in writing, I couldn’t finish the post until the COVID-19 Lockdown occurred and suddenly the post was inappropriate for the timing.

Alas sometime Monday night, @nkechireviews puts up a post which shows Lagos State’s preparation thus far in anticipation of reopening the airport, captioned;

” So who feels reassured to book a flight once the airlines confirm they’re ready for you?”

Quickie: Me.

Honestly, if I have to be somewhere that requires me to travel once the airlines are ready for the world of “post COVID-19 lockdown”, Then I’d definitely book that ticket. And if Lagos is my destination, then why wouldn’t I want to have breakfast at Cactus Restaurant?

Cactus Restaurant

Cactus Restaurant was originally a simple bakery,that grew to be the home of Italian gelato and a lavish restaurant that serves wholesome breakfast, with huge variety of bountiful meals.


It is Located on 20/24 Ozumba Mbadiwe Way, Victoria Island,

Lagos – Nigeria.

Contact Information For Reservation

0802 777 7666


Opening Hours

They are open everyday of the week, but serving of breakfast meals stops at 12:00noon.

What I Ordered

Quickie: First of all, I have to say thank you to likpoof Bur Artletic for showing me such a wonderful spot and treating to me to an amazing breakfast, it was the highlight of my #lagosliving.

I ordered the English breakfast, it had 3 fried eggs, served with bacon, sausages, baked beans, grilled vegetables and hash-browns (But I requested for fried plantain in place of hash browns), I got a complementary toast and apple-juice to balance my meal.

Cost of my meal in total was N4,800

Likpo had chicken with a dipping sauce that had a tangy taste, I didn’t quite like the sauce.

We were later joined by my two best-friends from High School, Cynthia and Rita, whom I’d not seen for 6 years & 15years respectively.They both had cactus classic burger and the other seafood burger.


  • Ambiance/ Scenery is top notch. It had a vibe that felt like I was visiting a restaurant abroad.
  • Portion size for meals were quite generous.
  • Good looking, neatly and properly dressed staff were well positioned to attend to customers with so much cheer and delight.
  • If you sit outside by the balcony, you’d enjoy the beauty of the waterside and get to watch other people going on boat cruise.
    They have a boat cruise available with an easily accessible food-truck.
    They also have a fun menu for kids.


  • I love how luxurious the restaurant is, but I live in Abuja and it’s all the way in Lagos (ABUJA certainly deserves a branch).

My Dinning Experience

Everything for me was perfect, so I’d say it earned 4 -stars.

Quickie: Read about staples you need to turn your regular Jean and white shirt into a styleinspo

I look forward to being able to sit and eat at a restaurant again, and Cactus is definitely a must-visit, one that has to be done over and over again, so if you live in Lagos, and you’re yet to visit this spot – You’re welcome

Don’t hesitate to tag me when you do visit.

Photography: iphone 11

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Thank you in anticipation of your positive response.

Until another share…


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  1. Your picture are so beautiful, I love the scenery!!! And to say the food is good, then this would be on my list next time I’m in Lagos, thanks for this❤️

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