2020 Summer Must-Own Trending Mules

I’ve always allowed comfort and functionality guide my choices when it comes to shopping. There are certain fads I do not indulge in, but the angular/square toe mules by Bottega Veneta & Jacquemus brand is one I believe all stylish ladies should hop on.

Now, while I fancy the idea of stylish women hopping on this 2020 style trend, I do not wish for my lovely darlings to break the bank while doing so, because frankly these mules cost a fortune. Although this is that type of fortune that is relative, depending on your financial status.

Yep! These prices you see are totally real, I got these prices from whowhatwear blog .

Quickie: If you missed our previous blogpost, here’s a link. (Breakfast At Cactus)

How then, can one hop up on a trend that costs this much within “One’s Budget”?

Well, here’s a cheaper way to enjoy this trend and acquire some mules that will take your outfits from basic to chic.

By outsourcing chain brands that produce similar designs for less, Thanks to Stradivarius, Zara & Mango,girls like me can also be part of the trend and so can you.

If you live in Nigeria and don’t know where you may possibly shop these goods for less, then I got you.

3 Sources On IG To Shop Trendy Mules

  1. Haute Signaturesng
  2. 21stcollections
  3. Beth Apparel ( Beth Apparel is actually a personal shopper, which means any item(s) you see on websites like Asos, Zara, H&M, Aldo, Mango et al, that you like, she can get for you. )
  • You can shop pieces for as low as N8,000 from these merchants listed above. These are literally the same type of quality you’ll get from certain big stores for N22,000 to N58,000 .
  • So my darlings, there you have it, my plugs to how I acquired some of these pieces that got me on the square-toe mules train.
  • Quickie: Please tag me when you shop your own pieces and you rock them.
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  • Photos: Mostly taken with my iPhone 11 ( Photos of Original Bottega Veneta mules gotten from pintetest)
  • Until another share…


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