My Raw Sunday Self Care

What is self care to you?

For me, Self care is the conscious awareness of one’s body, mind and soul. Research shows there are four dimensions of self care, namely;

  • Physical (body care, skin care, hair care)
  • Emotional (Care for the heart and matters relating to the heart.)
  • Spiritual ( Relating to your soul and consciousness of your existence.)
  • Psychological ( Mental care/ wellness)
  • Today, I’ll be sharing contents based on the physical dimension of self care. I want to show you guys products I am currently using to maintain my skin care routine; – A RAW REVIEW
  • Quickie: Note, this isn’t one of those skincare reviews that entails mentioning big chemical names, most of us can’t pronounce, sorry to disappoint you, I am not a chemical skincare expert.


    Raw is an Eco-friendly luxury brand that makes plant based natural skin care beauty products which is totally worth the splurge. I’m obsessed with this brand because of their unique sourcing and use of natural resources in production.

    As Africans living in the tropics where direct contact from the sun is sufficient, it is important to be able to easily access a sustainable skin care product that’s indigenous to our roots and caters to our specialties accordingly and that is what RAW provides. All this quality, yet so affordable.

    The most amazing part of this brand besides the use of natural ingredients, is the fact that it is eco-friendly; from the production process to delivery.

    Quickie: This is not a paid review, I am choosing to share this unique great brand with you my darlings because of the personal progress I have experienced thus far. So, P.S: – You’re welcome.


    RAW is located in the largest second city in Nigeria, A city located at the Sahelian region, south of the Sahara known as the commercial nerve centre of the Northern part of Nigeria – Kano.

    WHAT’S IN MY RAW BAG?This is actually my third purchase, and basically the first time I would be reviewing any skincare product, because I wanted to be sure of how it works, with its effects on my type of skin before sharing it with you. I wouldn’t want to recommend something that’s unreliable or not sustainable to you my darlings.

    Listed below are the products I’m currently using to maintain my routine.

  • Detox skin soap for both oily & combination skin {N2,500}; This bar soap I use specifically for my face because I have a combination body (oily face with dry skin)
  • Skin butter moisturizing body crème {N8,000}; this basically serves as my daytime cream, I love how silky and buttery it feels, and the perfect blend leaves my skin tone even.
  • Renewal skin soap for face & body{N2,000}; the renewal soap with the rejuvenating oil is magic together, I used to have these dark marks on my legs from strain and stress of covered shoes and I can’t believe how drastically it has faded. ( If you follow my Instagram stories, you would be able to track my progress over time.)
  • Brightening skin scrub{N6,000}; This is my favorite product from the brand, followed by the night oil. It smells so beatific and feels really smooth after rinsing, living your body fresh and deeply moisturized.
  • Quickie: I usually take the scrub with me when visiting the spa for my mani-pedi and insist my products be used rather than any generic brand to avoid tempering with my results.
  • Rejuvenating night oil for body & hair{N6,000}; This, I use every night for my entire body including my hair every time I wash my hair, it is a second favorite after the scrub.

    I reserve my intense skin care routine for sundays, because this is the one day I’m in no rush. I take my time to use the skin products to pamper my skin and let it sink in well enough for a reasonable amount of time before rinsing off thereby leaving my skin luscious and well moisturized.

    The key component to a great skin care routine is lifestyle, the type of food you eat, how well you care for your body, fitness, with how frequent you wash your face, what you do when you apply and take off your makeup, and how often you exfoliate.

    Most folks exfoliate at least 2-3/week while I prefer to scrub my entire body once a week, specifically on Sunday, hence; – “My Raw Sundayroutine.

    Well, there you have it, My Raw Sunday Selfcare.

    If you would like to get this brand to cater to specific need of your skin, please make sure you get a consultation first before purchase, for more info, contact –

    Until another share…


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