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What Makes A Magazine Cover Interesting To You?


Abarcalledpaper is an exotic lounge with its online publication set up to support and celebrate creativity. A digital magazine called PAPERCUT aimed at empowering creative women and entrepreneurs while showcasing the diversity in lifestyle and businesses in The Federal Capital Territory Of Nigeria – Abuja.

Guess who?

Got to be their first cover for the year-2021? Yup! – you guessed right, it’s yours truly: Joyner Agida.οΏΌ

Meet Joyner Agida but her friends call her JO.

A style connoisseur with a bachelors degree in Animal Science and a diploma in culinary arts. She also runs an online bakery @msjbakes and has been the creative director for MSJ Lifestyle and Entertainment – for the last 4 years.

In her own words…

“What can I say?

I’m an ambitious lady with big dreams; patiently building her little business one client at a time and one day at a time.”

That quote was from my opening remark on the publication but here’s an uncut version to my Q&A as not all my responses made it to the official release of the digital article.

Question 1: Cocktails or Mocktails?

Answer: I am a wine enthusiast, I drink and I know things.

Question 2: Beach Holiday or City Holiday?

Answer: Beach holiday with a little bit of tour to the city, especially any place with great food ( what can I say, I love gourmet meals.)

Question 3: Sweet or Salty?

Answer: Sweet cos I’m made of honey and spice.

Question 4: Favorite day of the year?

Answer: 24th October.

Question 5: Are you usually late or early?

Answer: I always arrive when I need to.

Question 6: Netflix & Chill or Partying?

Answer: Mostly Netflix & chill but I do enjoy an occasional partying with the right motivation.

Question 7: Introvert or Extrovert?

Answer: I like to think of myself as an introverted extrovert.

Question 8: Zara or Topshop?

Answer: Neither, I’m not a “tag obsessiveperson, I just like what I like regardless of the brand. So Zara, HersbyFen, Aldo, Gucci, Topshop or any other of the numerous designers that exists out there doesn’t matter, unless I like the item on display.

Question 9: How tall are you?

Answer: I am 5.3″ but my attitude is 6ft plus.

Question 10: Favorite app?

Answer: Twitter & Pinterest.

It was a memorable experience working with such an organization, so poised and determined to create positive change by empowering young creatives, I am humbly flattered by the privilege and I couldn’t have achieved these phenomenal looks without my amazing team.

Quickie: Thank you team, I love and appreciate you all.

Muse: @Joyneragida

Makeup Artist: @dazzlingvi of @lavivibonita & @fabzbyvee

Photographer: @dantesvisions

Personal Assistants: @Diza_yako et @yakosophia

Location: @AbarcalledPaper

So tell me;

What Makes A Magazine Cover Interesting To You?

I look forward to your interesting comments, please don’t forget to like & share with your friends.

Until another share;


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