Top 12 Nigerian Fashion Brand Influencers You Must Be Following

Shopping on the internet can be a gambling game of “hit or miss” because we are living in a time where everyone’s an influencer or a creative. With the daily rise in supply and demand of social media branding & marketing. it can be really hard finding reliable brands one can actually trust while being flushed by the gazillion influencers the internet has to offer.

Unfortunately, from experiences; not all influencers have integrity or loyalty to their brand. Some are all about the “free clothes” while others just care about the money; as long as they are paid their fees, it doesn’t matter how authentic or durable the brand is or isn’t.

However, to find real and passionate people who have dedicated themselves to bring to limelight, Nigerian brands with value that deserve the recognition is a task reserved only for the valiant… One, yours truly @msjlifestyle has selflessly taken the mantle to attain. And today I will be sharing with you, Top 12 Influencers you must be following.

My Top 12 Nigerian Fashion Brand Influencers


Ozinna Anumudu is top of my list because she’s the most consistent in promoting and supporting Nigerian fashion brands, she even has a website @ozzinadotcom where she’s the ‘head honcho‘ and branding boss for showcasing durable & reliable Nigerian fashion brands. She is also affiliated with the a brand strategy and communication agency located in Lagos Nigeria. My current favorite brands were discovered from her Instagram, be sure to pay her account a visit, it will be worthwhile.

Quickie: This post was inspired by @ifeolarinde she’s an entrepreneur who’s determined to create more exposure for the Pan African digital communities, she moderates The Cool House in Clubhouse.


Dr Akin Famisu is a verified Instagram user with one hundred and five thousand following. When the good doctor is not out there saving lives, he saves our minds with his peculiar content, dispelling the preconceived notion that the scientifically inclined cannot see the true beauty that is,…in style.

What makes him special is that he always finds a way to unearth seemingly hidden indigenous talent in the contemporary fashion of historic culture.

Quickie: Can we talk about how original and pleasantly enjoyable @adekunlegold ‘s Okay is. If you haven’t heard it, you can do it here.

@ThisthingcalledfashionnNonye Udeogu is a content creator based in lagos state, Nigeria. She is a digital creator that creates premium contents for brands and agency with a growing YouTube account of 35k views. I got my first video editing ebook from her, pretty rich content. The thing I love about her the most is how generous she is with sharing information that can actually improve your brand and way of life. If you have a hard time finding brands with fabulous fit you can trust then Nonye should be top of your list.

@KuyetbamaiKuyet Bamai is an award winning fashion blogger and social media strategist. This chocolate beauty is a man with many skills. Creative direction and fashion photography are well on top of his hat. Kuyet has partnered with a lot of high end brands and with his exclusive visually appealing contents, I think we can both agree he’s gonna be around for the long haul. If you’re just starting out as a male creative in the industry dominated by women, Kuyet Bamai is your guy for guidance on how to find your niche.

@OnyiibekehOnyinyechi Azode popularly known by her brand name. Onyiibekeh is a graduate from Kharkiv national medical university. Ever since Onyii made the conscious decision to switch from medicine to Digital creator, she’s been crushing it and stays bending the industry to her whims with her distinctive photography skill. (First photography class I ever paid for was hosted by her.) She has since made appearances in public events and recently, the vixen in Davido & Mayorkun’s Betty Butter. We can be rest assured Onyii will not stop delivering contents that bangs with Nigerian designers anytime soon.

@PrincessauduSarah Audu popularly known as @princessaudu is a Fashion and Faith blogger with over 40k YouTube views, who teaches millennials on how to dress modestly within a budget. When I first started blogging and I was looking for bloggers within my terrain to learn from, besides Moss Onyi & Musesuniform, Sarah was the first person I found within proximity who was really good at what she does. I’ve seen her spend so many years and resources trying to discover Nigerian fashion brands that produce authentic designs worth your money’s value at great cost but she never deters and now that more people are getting to trust Nigerian brands, she deserves all the accolades that comes her way.


Deborah Yisa is an Afrocentric entrepreneur, fashion & lifestyle blogger who recently added global human resource to her credentials. Debs owns an online African textile business where she sells veritable waxes and all sorts of fashion and household materials/craft made from ankara prints. My current favorite is the ankara picnic mat she launched recently. Feel free to visit her shop @debsclothier to shop your favorite textiles & craft.

Quickie: If you’re ever in need of a good designer for your bespoke or RTW pieces, @dear_needle is your plug.

@OpeyemisdiaryOpeyemi Tanimowo is a non-profit executive and a fashion blogger with over 212k monthly views on Pinterest. A style enthusiast with a lone passion for African prints. I like to call her The ankara mistress, because she can style absolutely any piece in Ankara and rock it to perfection effortlessly, such that you’d want to wear them. @opeyemi’s personality endeared her as one of the few creatives I’m actually fond of. She also owns a quintessential store @ile•esho where she sells creative props and accessories. If you’re ever planning a photoshoot, @ile•esho is certainly your plug for accessories.


Tamunotonye Barimalaa mostly known as @bytonye is a DIY guru, content creator, lifestyle blogger & C.E.O of @beth_apparel based in Abuja, Nigeria. Her digital marketing and content specialty hails her as one of the top bloggers in Abuja. @bytonye has 2k following with over 20k monthly view on Pinterest and a YouTube channel where she shares hacks, tips and her DIY tricks. I’m a big fan of her hardworking skill and creative dedication, which makes her always enlightening to work with.


Oroma Roxella Rukevwe is a lifestyle blogger and photography enthusiast. She is an aspiring creative director and stylist who’s passionate about using her platforms to showcase international & Nigerian brands through her Eurocentric personal style. She has had the pleasure of working with brands like @ziistudios , @amarelisatelier and vsco just to mention a few.

When @orrgram isn’t creating content, she’s whipping out healthy recipes in the kitchen with such delight, which makes her top of our #womancrush list.


Temitope Okunuga is an eccentric fashion and lifestyle content creator with impeccable creative direction and styling skill. Besides his digital skills, @Tope_o is an incredible dancer.

He recently started his own creative boutique agency called @theingeniousspace and we cannot wait to see the magic he creates.

@Joyneragida Joyner Agida is a professional chef and lifestyle connoisseur with the sui generis inkling that she can influence her audience by evoking an emotional connection that enables them to contribute their idiosyncratic quota to the general lifestyle of mankind. @joyneragida is currently the creative director for MSJ lifestyle & Entertainment company;- A brand aimed at promoting & inspiring millennials to live their best lives, pursue their dreams within their relative freedom and budget. Joyner seeks to build a community where local creatives/bloggers can gain exposure for their skills and thrive in their respective crafts, also make it a scene where clients can find reliable brands they can trust and work with as a way to encourage the Pan-African economy. #buynaijatogrowthenaira.Quickie: The hashtag; #buynaijatogrowthenaira is a social scheme set up by creatives to improve Nigerian’s economy through digital contents. All creatives are encouraged to use this tag more frequently when promoting Nigerian brands.

Well, there you have it, My Top 12 Nigerian Fashion Brand Influencers You Must Be Following.

Please let me know in the comment section your thoughts on Nigerian brands and what influencers you feel should have made my list.

Outfit: My fit was designed by @HersbyFen

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  1. Joyner Agida, has been known for her uniqueness, creativity and positive vibes which can bring product into life. Even her beauty and calm nature with her verbal fluency in business communication has endeared her the love of many.

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  2. I started checking everyone of them out one by one. I’m not done but I’m liking what I see so far. Thank you for this piece. As always, it is excellent.

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