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It was a beautiful Saturday morning, May the 22nd, it had rained the night before and the ground was moist but dry, the air; cool with a little bit of chill. As you know saturdays are for selfcare… And whatever wholesome activity aids your mental health, is a must keep routine.

Mine’s baking & hiking, more frequently it’s just spending time with loved ones.


Shot by Teocrisphotography

Teocrisphotography is a media company run by Tayo Obiniran who takes photographs that expresses originality, passion and intensity in images, that words fail to convey.

Shot by Teocrisphotography

The Hike

Prior to this hike, my last hike was in November, when Monstatribeng took us to Karshi Waterfalls; yeah I had neither hiked nor worked out consistently in the last five months. And the travels made being home to keep my walking routine with Apollo even more difficult. Long story short, I was very unfit for this hike

and so I struggled but I made it, every pressure I felt,to survive out there was worth it.

Like most certainly worth the climb.

Quickie: Catch me with these hike groups Monstatribeng & Naijaadventurers on Saturdays every now and then.

We made it to the top and chilled for a bit…vibing to different frequencies and energies, took some photos, all happening at once and simultaneously. There was food and drinks. Titi chops and Ziglo’s finest treats were also there.

Tobiajayiphotography and Taifayan were also present and they all delivered stunning photos to everyone who got captured.

The hike back down was however more rewarding, as we got enough time to rest at the top which in turn made the pace down more encouraging and thrilling. The most memorable moment was the cheerful encounter with the nomads; they were so receiving which felt so lovely.

Finally, we sight the cars, at this point the only thing on my mind was bath, sleep and food.

my happy food face.

Made it home safe and thanked God for an uplifting day, because nature is the closest thing that draws us closer to the creator – Jehovah God.

And that’s the tea on hiking with, Teocrisphotography and Co. Lemme know what you think of this post in the comment section.

Photography: Teocrisphotography run by Tayo Obiniran;

A fine photographer I really adore.

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  1. This is a very lovely piece, every time I read this write up I always see something new. I love how personal this is and I can relate to the writer just by reading every sentence, it’s always a good read when you can connect to the writer just by words. Can’t wait to experience more of this in the future. Nice one Joyner Agida. Keep it up.

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