It was one of those weekends I’d anticipated doing something fun just to spoil myself for the very stressful week I’d been through. As usual I decided to reward myself to a lovely meal I didn’t cook.

Joyner taking a picture of her food.

And what’s better than eating good food in good company…?

I had this long pending date with Constance, because the last time she was in Abuja, in November 2020;

We met at Jabiboatclub for drinks but it was a really a short meeting as my trip to Accra was slated for the following morning so we didn’t get to enjoy each other’s company as much as we would have loved. Fast forward to seven months later, and;

I am in TAR TAR With Constance.



Entrance to TAR TAR

TAR TAR is a newly opened restaurant in Abuja. Its aesthetics is expressed in contemporary decor in a way that tells you, that the mind behind this business is well traveled and exposed.

TAR TAR cocktail

Quickie: This informal review is based on my second visit. First time I was there was with @Nnkechireviews, Darlings you may want to follow her on IG to stay updated on the most authentic restaurant reviews.


Joyner in two piece by Manoshia

TAR TAR is located at number 5 Sorotona close, wuse II , Abuja – Nigeria.


TAR TAR special platter

I had the TAR TAR special platter which contained 2 jumbo prawns, snails, 2 raosted corn, goat, chicken, 2 chicken spring rolls, potato wedges and plantain,

which I enjoyed with Tayo Obiniran while,

Tayo Obiniran

Constance had the grilled ram with potato wedges.

Grilled ram with potato wedges

Our delicious spread was of course coalesced with the involute cocktails that washed down the detectable meal.

TAR TAR cocktails we had


Hands in frame by Nestor of TAR TAR


  • The aesthetics is exeptionally comely with such fetching ambiance that leaves subtle notes of travel vibes.
  • The reception is very cordial and relaxing, when you step through the restaurant door, you are immediately greeted by a good looking personnel who then ensures you get a clean set table or hands you directly to a waiter/waitress who takes charge of making sure your dinning experiece is pleasant. That’s a very valuable feature I much admire.
  • The food was well enough, loved the addition of the corn in the grill and portion size was reasonable.
  • Service was toptier.
  • The restroom decor is very “50 shades of Grey” alluring, and the best part is the provisional basket that caters to every woman’s that time of the month (sanitary provision).


  • Limited parking provision
  • Our orders took a little bit longer to fill and our meals arrived really cold.


Flat-lay of TAR TAR special platter

The TAR TAR special platter was exceptionally impressive which made my overal dinning experience a delectable feast.


Quickie: My rating metric is 5star, 5 being the highest rank.

  • 1-star for the meal
  • 2-star for the comely aesthetics
  • 1-star for the warm reception and service.

Overall rating 4-star

Is TAR TAR repeat worthy? – Most certainly, next time I visit, it would be to explore their breakfast options.


As usual I eagerly await the gist of your experience when you do visit TAR TAR while I go to clubhouse to discuss how much I enjoyed Marvel’s Black Widow.

Photography: @Teocrisphotography

Thank you for engaging this post. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Until another share;



13 thoughts on “TAR TAR WITH CONSTANCE

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  1. My sweet Joyner, you are a breath of fresh air.
    I am always happy whenever i am with you. Never a dull moment at all and that’s amazing.
    My Tar Tar experience with you has got to be one of the most exciting moment of my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your writing skills are amazing and the way you use words to give out an imaginative experience of what you are blogging about is amazing, I always enjoy reading your blog, it feels like I just experienced it all over again just by reading your words, I can’t wait for the next post.

    Liked by 1 person

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