Setting goals can be very challenging… why tho?

Because GOAL SETTING requires us think consciously and very deeply about WHAT we really want to accomplish, WHY we want to accomplish it and HOW we can go about achieving them.

In my last group coaching for GOAL-SETTING at THE MSJLIFESTYLE ANNUAL VISION BOARD PARTY; some common pain points that I identified within 5 out of 20 participants who set goals were; Lack of time, lack of clarity, lack of resources, and lack of motivation.

Now why do they feel this way about their goals after setting them? Because they made this five mistakes you need to avoid when setting your goals.


MISTAKE #1: YOU ARE ONLY FOCUSED ON THE “HOW” TO ACHIEVE THE GOAL YOU COMPLETELY FORGET THE “WHY” YOU ARE SETTING THAT GOAL. Focusing on the reason you set a particular goal creates the action plan you need to stay motivated to achieve that goal.

MISTAKE #2: YOU ARE SETTING TOO MANY GOALS AT A TIME. Instead set only 1-3 goals at a time, break them down into smaller steps to make it easily achievable, smash them and repeat the process, before long:- you would have accomplished more goals in time, over setting too many all at the same time.

MISTAKE #3: YOU ARE SETTING GOALS THAT ARE WAY TOO GENERAL. For your goals to be achievable, they need to be personal and specific to you as a person. Setting goals that are very personal to you keeps you interested in achieving those goals even on the days you feel less motivated to act.

MISTAKE #4: YOUR GOALS ARE NOT SMART AND THEREFORE YOU MISS THE SWEET SPOT OF ACHIEVING THEM. For you to be able to enjoy the sweet spot of achieving your goals, your goals need to be just right in the middle of “not too small” and “not too big” meaning it needs to be achievable but ambitious and you can only determine the sweet spot by using the SMART cardinal rule in goal setting.

MISTAKE #5: YOU DON’T MAKE OUT THE TIME TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS IN YOUR SCHEDULE. Because you lack interest in doing the work, in view of the fact that the goals you’ve set are not personally tied to you.

At this point, all the mistakes you made in setting your goals from point 1-4 hold hands together and dance around you with no time in your schedule to make the goal happen.

But when you set SMART goals that are specific to your identity and improve your self development, it creates meaning and purpose for your life, thus giving you the will power to combine the components of goal setting with the skill and capacity you need to make it happen.


“ Listening to research is not going to change your life, applying the research will.”

Mel Robbins

If Higher Achievement in 2023 is your goal, Take action now by submitting your answers to our SMART DISCOVERY QUESTIONNAIRE and utilize my gift to you, for a one on one chat that will help you uncover how to set SMART GOALS that honor your identity.

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  1. This post has helped me to realize two mistakes I always make which are not applying research and making my goals too general, I’ll have to adjust in those aspect if I want to be able to set achievable goals.

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    1. Thank you Teocris for sharing your thoughts with us.
      I am happy to hear you found ways to make this post useful in your goal setting, should you need more help in setting goals that are very specific to you, I am happy to serve.


  2. All points are indeed valid and strong but I would pick mistake 3- “YOU ARE SETTING GOALS THAT ARE WAY TOO GENERAL” to be the strongest point for me and so would have to work on that. Thanks so much msj🥰

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    1. I’m glad you found that point helpful, I’m here if you need any assistance in setting goals that are specific and personal to your identity and big thanks for sharing your thoughts on the blog today.✨🍃

      Liked by 1 person

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