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Hello Darling,

Welcome to my blog msjlifestyle. My name is Joyner Agida and I write and curate all the contents you see here on site.

If you made it to this page, it means you’ve probably enjoyed one of my articles and stumbled across here in the hope to get to know a bit more about the personality behind the voice; I am honestly flattered that you have shown such interest in me. This will tell you more about me.

Quickie : 10 Things You Need To Know About Me.

Well I’d tell you this for sure, I am just a regular Joe with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal science and proffessional Chef’s diploma in culinary arts (I really love food and I am so passionate about it), I am the kind of Joe that would use a masculine adjective inplace of Jane a well suiting one to her gender; yes two things ” I love literature with its play of words” secondly, no! I don’t fit into any boxes created by society or people’s perception derived from the version of me they must have been aquainted with, other than the ones I create for myself or the ones created by my magnificent creator Jehovah God.

I am a Jehovah’s Witness by Faith but a regular girl who’s just following her dreams and passions one day at a time within her relative freedom.

With the hope and goal of being able to inspire, guide and motivate others to love and pursue the things that makes them really feel like they are alive within their budget; the joy of living; – Joie de vivre… this very phrase influences the reason why I blog about Art, Food, & Lifestyle as these are the essentials to man’s general living and my target audience is every and anyone who enjoys indulging in these forms of life as much as do I.

Life is never going to be perfect until the old world has passed away, but you and I still live in this old world, what is the key to happiness? How can we attain this happiness and lead a fulfilling life? the kind of life that in the end we would feel the satisfaction that comes with fulfilling one’s purpose as our creator intended for us? and at the end of day, still be able to say; “I truly lived”

How is this in relation to my blog and why should you read my blog?

Many times friends would ask me about deep things pertaining to self care, mental health, religion and relationships, other times about casual stuff from; making the best wine choices, to picking the best outfit for a proper dinner, or maybe it’s just choices regarding choosing the perfect present for a loved one, selecting a good movie, or where to shop affordable intriguing home decor, in any case; my opinion is sought alot on various things that aides the way of living by the people I am surrounded with. In the end, I usually get applauded in helping to make reasonable choices.

*inserts Lady Gaga’s applause*

I started blogging because most of my friends thought i had just the lifestyle that suits the profile, for me then i had no idea what i was getting into; although I loved the idea of writing as an escape, my own little world where i wouldn’t be afraid to say what i really feel and speak my mind and not be scared of being judged for being too fierce or overly emotional, yes I am lovey-dovey girl who cries to certain movie scenes.

Well, as time went by, I got better and started getting a hang of this bloggerlifestyle, one time I even won a spot as one of the top style bloggers in abuja on a prominent website (see post here) even though I am not a “fashion blogger” . With more research and guidiance from the experienced, entertwined with my daily life discoveries and adventures; I decided I want to teach millennials the art of living their lives and chasing their dreams within their budget through my life experiences and that of those i encounter on a daily basis both online and offline.

My goal is to empower and encourage you my readers to recognise and develop your unique talents that will help you contribute your quota and fulfil your purpose to humanity and to God despite the overwhelming effects and stress of life as an imperfect being in an ever morally decaying world.

So if you would appreciate a weekly dose of motivation through my tales and experiences to help you in;

Becoming a walking masterpiece of Art.

Subscribe to my blog and never miss a moment of my dark humor mixed with my twisted knowledge and believes about the general lifestyle of mankind and its interests.

I look forward to engaging with you through my posts as we embark on this never ending journey called Life together.

Slainte… 🍷

Another time I’ll tell you a little tale about how I got aquainted with this Irish slang.

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