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Featured post

Know Your Wine

Look at you, so gorgeous and dark. With your red velvety restful aroma pulling me closer and making my palms twitch with excitement, and so much anxiety as I lifted the glass up filled with your essence. I took a deep breath and inhaled strongly, it smelled like chocolate that had been buried in liquor and left in for a long while, with such contrasting flavors of leather and cherries. The smell was so sensual I couldn’t wait for my palate and my brain to make the connection of what it tasted like. I licked the droplets off my lips from the first sip, swirled the rest of the content in my glass and had another long sip. Omg I love it, I screamed and geeked out like “a girl who’s just won an all paid expense luxury trip to Greece.” It tasted like Tempranillo grapes, dark chocolate, cherry (Agbalumo), and liquor decided to make a baby together with a touch of oak and created Rubis, I thought to myself as I sat down there savoring the deliciousness my mouth was just filled with.

Rubis was the first nonvintage red wine I ever loved. I’d always been a white lover, and many times friends and acquaintances who had such experienced exquisite taste in wine selection would make me try various red they loved, I thought they were cool but I always loved my white more whether it is still or bubbly.

Loved ones and friends who are so aware of my undying love for wine would randomly call me about wine choices, they are often confused about which wine would grace their palate and/or impress a particular admirer who is a wine enthusiast and they required my help so they don’t look like patsies. I always felt it was just general knowledge and anyone who liked wine would know but some of us do indulge a little more than others hence our peculiar interest in the subject of wine. Today I wanna share those tips acquired over the years, thanks to Bobo… I have had the privilege of dining on some really fine wine which, thus increased my experience.

Simple Tips In Making Wine Choices

We cannot learn those tips that would leave us feeling like a wine whiz, without recognizing basic wine lingo, and types of wines that are commonly known.

Wine Lingo


This refers to the acidic level of the grapes, the wine was made from.


This is the lingering taste of the wine on your palate after you have swallowed or finished drinking the wine. It is also known as finish.


This refers to the smell of the wine, mostly used to describe non-vintage wine or young wines.


Common term is Dryness. This is the degree of dryness of the wine. When it is dry, it may not necessarily be sweet, with sugar content as low as less than 5% in most cases. It is commonly red and those that do not enjoy sweet drinks can opt for this style.


This refers to how the wine feels on your palate and mouth. Basically, a wine is said to have heavy body when it is thick, and rich. A light body wine, however is light, and thin.


This is closely associated to aroma, essentially used to describe the scent of older wines.


The combination of fruit, tannins, and acidity is responsible for the balance of a wine. A well balanced wine is the perfect combination of all three components.


A blend in wine, is created by using more than one type of grape in its complexity to produce a final result. Combination of blend is, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, and Petit Verdot.

Blind Tasting;

This is a chance to experience, evaluate and guess the type of wine relying solemnly on your palate with no prior knowledge of varietal, year or style of wine.


It is used to describe the different variation of unique aromas, flavors, and taste.


This is a process of pouring wine from one container into a decanter, this allows oxygen to enter, and bring out the flavor, and aroma.


This refers to the flavor of wine due to high tannins.


One major quality is responsible when a wine is said to be earthy, the kind of soil that the grapes were grown in, rich soils are mostly likely to produce a mineral-like quality in taste.


This is found on the labels of the wine indicating where the grapes were grown. Estate or Estate bottled simply means the vineyard the grapes were grown.


Presence of strong taste of fruits, like berries, cherries, apples, stone fruits et al.

Note: that a fruity wine doesn’t necessarily mean sweet. Dry wine can be fruity.


Could be barrels or chips and it is responsible for taste profile which indicates the fermentation process of the wine.

Oaked, Unoaked Or Stainless Steel;

This refers to storage containers used in storing wine while it aged, prior to bottling. Key word; Fermentation.


Oaky taste due to fermentation or aging process.


Exposure to oxygen by decanting, or swirling it in your glass, this process transforms the wine flavors.


Palate is unique to you. This helps you determine what flavors you like best. There is no right or wrong answers when it comes to different taste in wine, it all depends on what your palate enjoys the most. Personal preference is what makes wine dinning so special.


This is a term used in referring to a wine expert on a wine tasting tour or steward in the restaurant, they hold all the deeds you need to know about wines in most established places.


Wine style has to do with the combination of the color, taste, alcoholic strength and several other factors including region of production, climate, soil conditions, grape varieties et al.


It is a process of exposing it to oxygen to bring out the flavors and aroma of the wine.


Tannins are compounds ( polyphenols ) which come from stems, and skins of grapes. This gives the wine a dry-mouth feeling and generally fadeswithage.

High tannins = Dryer taste.

Low tannins = Lack of dryness, meaning more sweet.


This means wines made basically from a single named grape variety, this information is usually displayed on the labels along with style, and year of wine.

And Finally,


Year in wine can be vintage or non-vintage, and this signifies the year the grapes which the wine is made from, was grown and harvested. Vintage refers to a single specified year while non-vintage is a blend from produce of two or more years.

Now that we are conversant with the basic wine lingos, let us progressively move to…

Types Of Wine With Examples Of Grape Varieties

  • Sparkling Wine; Champagne, Prosecco.
  • Light-bodied White; Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Full-bodied White; Chardonnay, Viognier.
  • Sweet White; Riesling, Rosé

Note that Rieslings are mild.

  • Light-bodied Red; Pinot Noir.
  • Full-bodied Red; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec.
  • Sweet Red Wine; Port.

So much knowledge shared and gained thus far, now let us see how we can put all these information into…

Tasting Like A Pro

To make this very simple and easy to remember let us make it, the rule of 5S;

  1. See: Look at what you are about to drink, notice the color, note that the color indicates the type of grape used.

  2. Swirl: Swirl the wine in the glass, this allows the wine to breathe or oxygenate, remember we talked about how oxygenating brings out the flavors of the wine.

  3. Sniff: Smell the wine, this is the part most wine chumps will think you are being dramatic or prolly tag you an alcoholic, pay them no mind, be sure to put your nose close to the rim of your glass and smell what you are about to drink. One bad habit my mom complains about me that I have, is the fact I smell everything before I eat it, I don’t care how good it looks, if it smells in a certain way I don’t like or cannot stomach; best believe it ain’t going into my mouth.

  4. Sip: Take a small sip, allow air to reach your tongue during and after your sip to really get the flavors into your palate.

  5. Savor: Pay attention to the flavors and the finish, is it fruity or acidic, and after you swallow, how long does it feel like it is still in your mouth; that lingering taste on your palate is the finish.

The most important deed of the 5S rule is how much attention you pay to the wine. It is primarily about how well you can memorize the details of your senses, specifically what you see, smell, taste and feel. Be sure to write down your feed back, did you like it, or was it just blood tonic with fancy name; this is how I describe really bad red wine I don’t like. The blood tonic relation to red wine is a secret my siblings and I have in memory to our inquisitive growing up years. *holds laugh*

Remember to always make a note when you come across a wine you really enjoy, write down the name, its region for example Paarl and the grape variety, was it Chardonnay or Shiraz, put down the winery estate or producer as well. All these information are usually displayed on the label, which I agree can be challenging to read sometimes but it is always worth the knowledge and as time goes on, it becomes something you enjoy, a regular routine to enjoying your wine experience even better. It no longer feels like a chore, you might discover in the process that you like a particular style or grape variety better.

I am a Hypersensitive vinotype ( One of 4 vinotypes ) Personally, I enjoy Chardonnay for full bodied wine and Sauvignon Blancfor light bodied style of wine more. For red, which is sorta occasionally, I stick to Port, sometimes Merlot. I don’t know if it has to do with the availability or maybe it’s just the frequency of the number of times I’ve had it.

When I am feeling so fancy, I always like to enjoy a good plate of pasta with a nice bottle of sweet red.

My work here won’t be complete if do not mention Some few meals you can pair with wine to have that memorable experience I enjoy as well, so here goes…

Wine And Food Pairing

  • Sparkling wine goes well with fish and desserts.
  • Light bodied white goes well with salads, roasted vegetables, and really yummy desserts.
  • Full bodied white pairs well with chicken or shellfish.
  • Sweet white with desserts and cured meats.
  • Light bodied red goes well with chicken dishes, seafood, and sautéed/roasted veggies.
  • Full bodied red pairs well with red meat, cured meats, red meat pasta dishes, and cheeses.
  • Sweet red popularly known as dessert wine pairs well with mild/soft cheeses and cured meats.

There! I believe my work here is done *smiles with so much pride*

For more professional knowledge on wine I’d recommend John Platter’s Wine Guide since 1980, i was not even born then but I learned this from reading my dad’s cosmopolitan. I have always enjoyed flipping through the pages of a magazine than I did novels.

If you stay in Abuja, Nigeria and you are looking for a place where you can shop wines in all its varieties I’d advice you to visit Next Cash And Carry. If it is a hotel that serves luxurious wines at dinning that would be Transcorp Hilton. And most importantly for a restaurant where you can have the opportunity to experiment your wine whiz skills then I would suggest you visit The Ivory Room, It is a 4.5star restaurant/dinning with a gigantic transparent showcase of wines of different styles.


A Date With Jehovah God.

I woke up feeling blue and sort of hollow… in some moments I felt vibrant but I was stuck in the calamity of my emotions running all over the room. I had this deteriorating feeling of not doing enough with my time, yet I just laid there in bed completely underwhelmed and frantically analyzing all that I had set to do for the weekend but covered only a few.

Gosh! Tomorrow is Monday and i don’t have a blog post ready, I thought to myself.

Lately, I found that I sincerely lost the zeal to do most of the things I used to love doing, the other half required money I didn’t have, I thought while rolling my eyes as if they were meant to be seen by someone else. I withdrew completely into myself, constantly turning down requests and invites to dates and hangouts.

I hated so much being in the solitary of my room, my zone… It reeked of depression and somehow in my twisted phase I also loved it, i loved the idea of being away and not having to deal with social pressure, dishonest people

and social media requirements which i have had to put up with in thelast couple of months.

Sick!!! I would think to myself and out loud I would say; “Jo, this lifestyle is highly unhealthy”. I could feel my zeal and passion for many things withering away slowly as I could no longer handle the frustration of trying different things, different ways and still not getting desired results or “progress” I thought to myself. The pressure was so bad that, Alas! I found solace in the knowledge of death and its oblivion, i didn’t fear the thought… it was more like a relieve and my loved ones that i would leave behind and how they would handle the news was my concern but my senses are woken up by Williams Shakespeare, I could hear his voice in my head faintly… screaming at me so dramatically as though he were directing one of his plays;

“Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once.”

I came back for a bit,as my alter ego could not stand me being remembered as “a Coward” and my soul would not let me damned like that. But this is not a day Julius Caesar or thegoodquotes could prevent from unfolding, I stalked Gemma Troy and R.h Sin some more hoping they would pull me out and keep my focus, but not all the inspirational and motivational quotes could make me move a muscle.

I laid down there more hours unable to eat, bathe or have any positive thoughts. Apollo tried to lick my feet to get my attention occasionally, but I rebuked him so hard he withdrew to himself and stayed in the parlor, away from my sulky toxic mood. I thought about my finances

and criticized myself heavily for not having a more solid plan but…

The truth is that i was doing the very best within the capacity of my moral grounds but somehow i couldn’t be encouraged by this fact.

I felt more downcast and realized I was hurt, miserable and hollow and I couldn’t place why in the world I was letting myself feel this way.

Suddenly my phone rang and I was back to earth, I’d been lost in so much negative space, I did not realize my phone had been ringing.

I saw four (4) missed calls and a text from my mother and Lincoln respectively, just as I was about to access the details, my phone started ringing again and on my screen it was Sis Confidence; she was calling to remind me of My appointment with Jehovah for 4:30pm. She had been calling since since Thursday, and in the moment of nothingness and absolute chaos of negative emotions running wild; her persistence was the rope that pulled me back to reality away from the depths, in the well of my brokenness.

Up! up! she pulled me away, out from those feelings I shut out and try to pretend and act like everybody else that they don’t exist

When we know the negativefeelings are as active as the positive ones; it’s just the one you feed the most that grows over the other, but the negative ones are always there waiting to itch like Poison Ivy.

It doesn’t mean anyone stops existing at any point in time because they are both rooted in your soul like the knowledge of good and bad, Like God and the Devil. They are both real. I let the phone ring off the hook then I called her back, she apologized for waking me up and I said not to worry, knowing I wasn’t sleeping in reality… I was just buried within my head.

She said; “I hope I will be seeing you today” Her voice was so warm and cheerful yet so strong and patronizing at the same time. I answered yes! Most definitely. Like her warmth had somehow been “convected” into me; and all of a sudden an excitement of the hope of looking forward to a rich fulfilling evening with God, filled my soul and my heart ached with joy from starvation of real and practical spiritual Healing. (Healing will be discussed in the next blog post)

I wore a blue dress

with four combat looking-like pockets with two gold-press buttons, one to each side on all fours respectively, with one button each on the turn-up sleeves. I wondered if I had hoped the pockets would hide the shame of how broken and sad I’d felt most of the day and hoped the gold details would remind me of the compassion, hope and illumination her warm voice had brought to my blue Sunday.

I was 15mins late but Confidence stood at the door with such smile as though I were someone so important, she hugged me and showed me to my seat where I was surrounded with so many others who looked so illuminated like they lived in different world with no worries at all, other than the one you and i live in.

Like this chaotic world was just a brush off on their shoulders.

” I am so glad you made it” i heard faintly as i returned from analyzing the gleeful people i was surrounded by;

And a much louder voice got my attention as i realised everyone else was focused on the podium, listening attentively to the message the speaker was sharing, He was talking about God’s Love and made references from the article which everyone had spread across their phones and pads… i went to the app Jw.org to access my own copy and was assisted by my lovely host.

What Kind Of Love Brings True Happiness

This was the title of the article and it was laced with carefully picked, thought provoking questions like;

  • How can we avoid loving ourselves too much?
  • Why are people who love money not truly happy?
  • What can help us examine our view of pleaures?

Each question asked had several Bible passages denoting the words written in the article of study.

Within the pages were more questions that made me look and analyze my life and that of others i’d been involved with… the more the study went, the more i realized the source of my brokeness.

Although in the eyes of the world my life seemed very good and i wasn’t doing bad for myself at all but i felt incomplete because i had let my hustle for money in satisfying my pleasures grown more than love for my God, my creator, hence i wasn’t fulfiling my God-given purpose and i was leading two seperate life not in unison but when i made God the solefoundation, suddenly everything else became much clearer. I suddenly knew what to do and how to divide my time without feeling like i was not doing enough or doing too much and not getting enough. I now understand what it means to give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to give unto God what belongs to God.

The world we live in is decaying day in, day out, and God is the only one that can save Mankind through the sacrifice of his Son Jesus Christ. But sadly alot of people don’t know or believe God and that he does exist. While others that know, like me,

are carried away with the things and struggle of this world. While some may have been robbed by religious sects or groups and have consequently lost faith in God And His Word.

But this is no excuse, God expects that we acknowledge his love and existence by the way we conduct ourselves as he is evident in all the wonderful things he created which is all around us and in our care.

All Religious gatherings in the name of God are only meant to remind us, reinforce and re-echo God’s words and promises until his kingdom comes.

The meeting ended with a laudable song which they all sang harmoniously followed with closing prayer, i was so glad to be in attendance, said my goodbyes and left with deep reflection, i was amazed at how everything was right there, because i had clogged my life with the wrong kind of company and my mind with the wrong perception about who i am supposed to be and who God is to me.

I missed it all. The more and deeper i reflected; remembering each bible passages that had been cited, the lighter i felt as the pressure of being socially acceptable so as to promote my “hustle”

suddenly became lighter, more or less like nothing as it kept re-echoing in my head, that in all things that i do, let it be something that would bring praise, glory to God and preach his love for mankind.

If, in all my good graces i was so wrong like this, i thought; i feel i have to share my revelation just so, those willing to reflect and enjoy a positive rich life can also adjust and benefit accordingly. I intend to keep congregating with Jehovah Witnesses because I love how they preach, teach and are thought to conduct themselves, organize their lives, respect themselves, authorities

and those around them. I hope that with time i will be able cultivate the discipline and attitude required to be known and call myself proudly as one of them.

For More Information about Jehovah’sWitnesses, visit JW.org


Isa Israel

Isa Israel is an African Designer with a versatile vision,

based in Lagos state, the city known as the heart of business and lifestyle in Nigeria. I have known him for eight years now and we have lots of mutual friends in common. We all call him a different name from what he’s known by. His style was unique and modish like a guy fresh out of a music video, like a Chris Brown or Drake kinda video with a swank.

He sold the best contemporary wears to most of the trendriest and coolest kids on the block and many who patronized him always looked ritzy because as far back as then, i remember how he would travel from Benue to Lagos then through to Abuja and he would always return with the dopest fads in vogue for his ever loyal clienteles who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the goods, myself included lol, sometimes i would even send my money before he arrived for fear of missing out on the freshness before the “Abj peeps” would make them SOLD OUT. He was very passionate about clothes and took his business seriously.

Soon after he moved to lagos where he founded Tastemaker Fashion Agency. He’s been known to work with artists like Rapcheff , Runtown , Yung6ix, Mr Eazi, Iceprince Zamani , Dj Neptune, and co. creating and styling their wardrobe for photos and video shoots.

Later, He launched his first collection called,

The Monotint Collection under his company brand; The Tastemakers. As usual they were unique and consistent in their originality and i did not hesitate to cop four pieces of this collection for myself. The colors, and texture of the fabrics were spiffy, it was so impressive that i reached out to him about doing a piece for the blog… he accepted and we got down to business… i have been a big fan of his hustle and fashion career for many years now, still got some nice jeans and watches i got from him back in the day and this felt like the right thing to do as this is a way i can share in promoting his art, brand and vision internationally, to also testify and assure you of the quality of this brand.

Isa To The World…

I see fashion as a way of expressing yourself and individuality without having to say a word – Isa

These were his words regarding his definition of fashion.

  • Why did you choose fashion design as a career?

I didn’t really choose fashion design as a career path, it just kinda happened overtime as a result of me doing something i am very passionate about; I have a Bsc in Political Science he added. He talks about what he likes, being a designer and what he doesn’t but emphasis was laid on his favorite part which is,

The fact that i get to imagine something in my head and i am actually able to bring it to life and it looks really good… besides the idea of fashion being a medium of making a living

  • Who are your favorite designers both local and abroad?

I don’t really have a lot of favorite designers locally, although Mai Atafo is good at what he does, internationally I’d say Virgil Abloh, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Jerry Lorenzo, and a couple of streetwear designers too.

He first discovered his passion for fashion as a teenager and refers to himself as a streetwear designer and he draws his inspiration from his environment, everyday life and basically the internet. ” I go on fashion blogs and i have my eyes on the streets as regards to what’s hot and liable to trend.”

Isa describes his personal style as laid back,

eclectic, and he is motivated by the desire to create, and sometimes the messages he tries to convey with his work. He created his first collection in 2014 (Monotint collection) and he’s been able to put out seven (7) collections in total. His target market is basically the youth and streetwear enthusiasts.

  • How would you relate past and present fashion trends?

“Trends recycle, there’s no much difference between past and present trends, just modified stuff.”

  • What are your goals and where do you see yourself in ten (10) years?

One of my goals,is to create an African brand that is not restricted to African culture and shores alone, a brand with global apeal; In ten years i see myself at the peak of my career, probably being compared to international brands.

And so may it be, i added.

  • Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

I am proud of the fact that i have been able to put out series of sold out collections and my clientele base.

  • How do you handle arrogant clients, and how well do you take criticism?

Tolerance… if you are not being criticized, it means nobody is noticing, I believe it comes with exposure.

I nodded frantically in agreement and threw in my final FAQ.

  • What skills would you say are important for a successful career in fashion design and what is your advice to upcoming designers?

I’d say creative thinking and fabric sourcing and my advice to upcoming designers is; stay innovative, keep working and stay in your craft.

“Happy now?” he said to me and i replied beautiful, can’t wait to publish with a big gr(in/een) that is if you know what i mean…XO

To see more or purchase any of Isa’s collections, you can do it Here


Outfit Of The Day; #Hello Monday.

Hello MSJ lovers, it is a new week and hope you are feeling as vibrant, refreshed and excited as I am today. For me, it was such a brief weekend with so much to do… unfortunately i was unable to accomplish all the tasks and goals i had set for the weekend but i draw consolation in the fact that i was able to attain the top five (5) to-do on my list of weekend routines which were very important as they would have affected the positive vibes of my week should i have failed to.

Sadly as laundry is something i am not such a huge fan of, i was unable to accomplish this task and it comes with such weight bearing on my chest; because anytime i pick up any outfit from my wardrobe, i remember how i am yet to sort previous laundry thus the idea of how much this is gonna increase the pile… sigh!

If only someone could sow a seed of Samsung Washing Machine in my life, lol.

Away with the sulky feeling of unaccomplished task and set a time to get it done without hesitation and without procastination is my advice to me and to you today, if you’ve got such unfinished business as do i. Try to focus on goals achieved more, as they tend to motivate me to complete all other unfinished business.

Two Major Goals I Feel Most Fulfilled To Have Achieved ;

  • My Saturday Hike With My Infamous Naija Adventurers group and;
  • A Date With Jehovah God ( I promised my twitter follwers last night that i would share all the deets within the week and that i shall.)

These routines set the tone of my week and i feel highly rejuvinated and strong to know i am ready to take on whatever the week throws at me whilst trying to accomplish my goals for the week.

Without any “shenanigans” let us talk about the outfit of the day…

There is such beauty in the way you can incoporate your OCD into your style and simplicity becomes amazing in all its glory, i decided to go with white, blue and black with a touch of red on my bottoms to complement my Hermès bag.

My red bottoms i got from Debbybodyshop like 4years ago which ofcourse is still serving me.

My shirt on the other hand is custom made by iisa Isreal this was one among four (4) pieces i got from his Mono Tint collection.

This Hermès bag however is one of my most treasured designers as it was gifted me by someone i admire and look up to greatly; i will never forget this kindness he showed me and in the time he did… May God Continue To Bless Him Abundantly.

My white aphrodeity pants however i got from Razor Sharp; i like the fitting so much i bought three (3) of its hotpants (navy blue, sky blue and white), i did thesame with the pants respectively, i added black and grey making it five(5) and eight(8) aphrodeity in total, crazy right? i know… i can never resist succumbing to my force of nature and habit; consistency, durability, reliability. Most times i like to think that if i had my way or rather if didn’t wanna freak my love ones out, i’d actually be like Monk, “wardrobe wise” (if you haven’t seen the series Monk then i am afraid you will miss the reference… it is one of my favorite series of all time.*smiles*) All though i am so glad my OCD is nothing compared to his.

I dare not forget to mention my furry bestie whose expertise is photobombing, But would never pose when told to; my loving #ASA (Apollo Snow Agida)… For complementing me so beautifully. For a moment i got carried away with all that affection he throws at me, i must confess i am very attached.

For a more formal or corperate look, you can achieve this by substituting white pants for plain black pants and with this look you are ready to take on any task and can waltz into any corperate zone/setting ready to be great.

There!, you now know how simple it is to create outfit of the day, so go out there and make you and myself proud.

Have A Splendid Week… XO


Shaggy And 6goddess At #JBC

I’m not going to even say so much about how awesome this day went…i’m just gonna let the scenery and the view

tickle your imagination about the kind of day i must have had, especially since i spent it with Shaggythementalist

As we’re both stout lovers we started by ordering a bottle each,

i wanted extrasmooth but they only had african special and medium stout so i had medium and amstel malt, it won’t give you that extrasmooth rich smoothness in taste but atleast it works in the absence of the preferred.

We drank, made more snaps and took many pictures…

Finally food arrives…

i had fried rice and barbecued chicken,

i love the abundant sauce dripping off with the sprinkled sesame all over it…

the sour smokey taste is what i love the most about the chicken, which is why i always eat their chicken with anything else.

The food wasn’t the greatest but considering that it’s a new spot, let’s just say there’s room for improvement…

but you know me once i find a meal on the menu that i enjoy about a place, be rest assured that’s the only meal you will see me eating there until someone suggest there’s been change or improvement in services or maybe they just have that one meal they also come to eat that’s as good as mine.

we enjoyed our meal, caught up some more…

took more pictures

and moved the party elsewhere.

This is a good tourist location,

Woodhouse boat club and restaurant

Jabi Boat Club is a woodhouse bar and restaurant with incredible ambiance; this makes it a perfect spot for outdoor birthday breakfasts, luncheons, and family dinners. It is also children friendly.


Other Activities Include water adventure.

Address: 26 Alex Ekwueme Way, Nera Hotel Waterfront, Jabi District, Abuja, Nigeria

Post Code: 900001

Enquiries: #jbc

Mobile number: +234 808099289

Friendship With A Scorpio Called Joyner

“I Am Not A Regular Girl…”

I Always Tried To Fit In A New Circle Or Place But Even That Crumbles Eventually… This Is Rarely Due To My Strong Personality Or Maybe It Is; I’ve Been Told My Confidence Can Be Intimidating.

Zodiac Signs Don’t Tell You Exactly How Someone’s Gonna Act All The Time But They Give You A Topography Of Their General Feelings And What Drives Them.

As A Scorpio;

I Love Intensely, I Am Brutally Honest And Extremely Loyal, Doesn’t Mean I Get This Reciprocated Often But I Don’t Change Because This Is The Very Things That Make Me Who I Am; 6goddess!

Even If I Wanted To, I Wouldn’t Know How To Be Anything Else. Things That People Go Through Hell And Back Just To Achieve, I Get It Without Breaking A Sweat;

This Is Not By My Might, It’s By The Grace Of My Divine Father Jehovah And I Am Always Grateful Which Is Why I’ve Dedicated My Life To Him.

He’s Always Faithful.

And Things People Get Without Breaking A Sweat I Have To Fight Tooth And Nail For. The Most Common Example Is Something I Offer Freely, Loyalty. My Loyalty Is Unwavering But I Have To Fight The Devil Everytime To Get My Due.

My Mystery

Leaves People Creating Different Impressions Of Me And I’ve Been Many Things To Different People.

The Ones I Showed My Dark Side I Feel Truly Sorry For, Because I’m Always Gonna Be That Scar On Your Heart…

And The Ones That Have Felt My Love In Its Depth, May Not Like It But Are Stuck With Me For Life Because They Know Deep Down They Can Never Feel A Love Like This With Anybody Else.

I Am Unique

Took Me Too Many Tragedies And Betrayals To Finally Understand What This Means. I Am Fully Aware Of My Power And Weakness.

I Do Not Crave The Regular Things My Peers Or People Around Me Crave.

My Alter Ego Always Likes To Stand Out.

I Yearn For Spiritual Depth As It The Only Way To Balance My Mystery Without Seeming Insane.

Don’t Try To Understand Me Just To Love Me, (Even I Can’t Tell You I Absolutely Understand Myself)

Love Me And You Will Find Out All That You ‘Need’ To; I Do Not Make Friends Easy Because I Am Self-Sufficient,

It’s How I Was Raised.

I Am 6goddess And I Believe Not Everyone Is Worthy Of Me.

But If You Do Call Yourself My Friend, I EXPECT Certain Things Like Your Loyalty And Support. ( I Don’t Expect It To Be Unwavering Because That’s My Part ) But I Demand It! Otherwise; What Is Friendship?

Friendship Is A Complex Topic Hence The Reason This Post Is Gonna Be Split Into Three(3) Parts And Will Be Spaced Over Time.

  1. What Is Friendship And Its Benefits?
  2. Types And Kinds Of Friendsip Both Positive And Dysfunctional.
  3. Divorcing A Friend Whether Good Or Bad.


This First Part Of The Post Is Basically Gonna Be The Shortest Of Them All, Due To Preamble.

My Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary “Special Price Edition” Specifically The 6th Edition Defines Friendship As A Relationship Between Friends. It Further Defines Relationship As”The Way In Which Two People, Groups Or Countries Behave Towards Each Other Or Deal With Each Other.”

You Won’t Believe The Example Sited In The Usage Of Friendship Has My Name In It, Amazing Right? I know; The Universe Has Its Way Of Always Being In Tune With Me.

Anyways My Favourite Definition Is That Of Wikipedia (I Love Wiki Because Its Facts Are Authentic). It Describes “Friendship As A Relationship Of Mutual Affection Between People, It Is A Stronger Form Of Interpersonal Bond

Than An Association.

Friendship Is A State Of Mutual Trust Between Two Parties. For The Sake Of Clarity, Let Us Define The Word “Mutual”

Mutual, Used To Describe Feelings That Two Or More People Have For Each Other Equally, Or Actions That Affect Two Or More People Equally. Key Synonym Is Reciprocal.

Who Is A Friend?

Different People Make Different Friends For Many Reasons. A Friend: Is A Person With Whom One Has A Bond Of Mutual Affection,Typically One Exclusive Of Sexual Or Family Relations.

So If Someone Calls You Their Friend Or You Call Them Your Friend And It Appears One Seem To Be Offering More Than The Other, That Right There Is Not A Mutual Relationship ( Unfortunately This Is The Kind Of Friendship That Prevails In Our Generation.

“Don’t Support Me If You Don’t Want To, It Won’t Negate From My Friendship With You. Believe Me, It’s Not An Obligation. I will Give It If I Decide To. Support Isn’t Demanded; It’s ‘Earned’, It’s A Choice That Should Be Freely Available To ‘Anyone’ To Decide. ‘People’ Should Not Feel Obligated To Supporting You, You Only Have To Ask And If They Say No, Respect It. And That’s Even On An Holistic Level.”

These Were The Words Of An Aquaintance Whom We Happen To Have A Lot Of Mutual Friends In Common Said To Me When I Complained About Not Being Supported As Much As I Have Supported Her.

Newsflash: It Does Negate Friendship Beacuse Every Word In That Statement Defiles The Meaning And Respect Of The Word FRIEND!

The Irony Is That This Aquaintance Has Used The Word Friend With Me Many More Times Than I Can Ever Recall Referring To Her As That, If I Wasn’t Quoting Her, Yet I Support Her In My Own Little Way Absolutely.

Quickie: An Aquaintance Is A Person One Knows Slightly, But Who Is Not A Close Friend.

You Know My Response To That Statement? *In Mila’s Voice* I Was Too Shook

And I Literally Had Mila’s Expression In My Head When I Said;

Don’t Insult Me And Call Me “Friend” And Still Type All Those Things Up There, It’s Not Very Nice Beacause That’s Not How I Treat People I Call Friends.

It Was A Clear Insult To My Intelligence Because As Stated Above, Friendship Is A Mutual Relationship And Every Line She Said Negates The Mutual Respect Calling Someone Your Friend Demands.

Quickie: Demand, An Insistent And Peremptory Request, Made As If By Right. Synonym; Request, Call, Stipulation, Urge E.T.C

I Admire This Girl Alot I Thought To Myself, I Love Her Amazing Work Ethics, Her Passion And Her Zeal To Break Grounds And Forge Ahead Formidably But Who Does She Think I Am Or Who Does She Think She Is To Call Me Friend And Then Tell Me I Have To Earn Her Support When I Have Given Mine Freely Without Her Asking And I Don’t Even Call Her Friend Yet. Where Is The Mutual Understanding?

I Found It Highly Manipulative ( Manipulative Friendship Is A Type Of Friendship That Will Be Discussed In Part II , But In The Mean Time, You Can Google It To Get An Idea Of My Usage.)


The Major Characteristics Of Friendship Are;

Kindness, Love, Virtue, Sympathy, Empathy, Honesty, Altruism, Loyalty, Mutual Understanding And Compassion.

There Are Many Benefits Of Friendship Generally Expressed That Are Of Common Importance Besides Personal Experiences…Which Are;

  • Enjoyment Of Each Other’s Company.
  • Trust, And The Ability To Be Oneself Freely.
  • To Be Able To Express One’s Feelings To Others And Make Mistakes Without Fear Of Judgement From Friend.

Studies Show That Social Support Gained Through Friendship Improves A Woman’s Prospects For Good Health And Longetivity.

Conversly, Loneliness And A Lack Of Social Support Has Been Linked To An Increased Risk Of Heart Disease, Viral Infection And Cancer (Yes Cancer!!!)

You Know Those “Mini Heart Attacks” A Bad Friend (Another Type Of Friendship To Be Discussed In Part II) Gives You, That You Whisper To Yourself ‘It’s Not That Deep’ Oh Well Darling, Turns Out It is As Deep As Higher Mortality Rates Over All.

Friendship Networks = Behavioral Vaccines. These Behavioral Vaccines Boost Both Phsyical And Mental Health.Good Friendship Improve Health (To Be Discussed In Part II). Friends Encourage Healthy Lifestyles And Directly Contributes To Self-esteem, Self-confidence, And Social Development. Part II Will Shed More Light And Explain Why We Need Best Friends.

Never Befriend A Scorpio If You Can’t Handle The Venom When She Stings.!


  • My Personal Experiences
  • Wikipedia
  • Reasoning From The Scriptures (JW.org)
  • Pinterest

I Will Be Collecting Pro-Pictures Of Best Friends For Part II; So If You Are Interested You Can Send Your Entries To MSJ Special Credit For Goofy Pictures And Real Emotions Applies… Sláinte.🍷 XO.

Victoria And Ezra Tell Their Love Story#VIZRA2018

It Is Not Everyday An Idoma Girl Marries A Tiv Man But It’s Not Uncommon…

So these wedding bells are very special as the couple’s #VIZRA2018 story

which I invite you to join me in celebrating their journey of love thus far…

Without further ado, I announce the engagement and wedding of Victoria Oka Idoko And Ezra Zahemen Ade

In Makurdi, Benue State On Thursday 8th And Saturday 10th Of February, 2018.


Colors For Traditional Wedding;

Coral, White, Cream, Mint.

Date: Thursday February 8, 2018

Venue: Mr And Mrs Innocent B. Idoko’s Residence, 1st Avenue Tor Angwe Street, Demekpe, Makurdi, Benue State.

Colors For White Wedding;

Teal, Yellow, Grey.

Date: Saturday February 10, 2018

Venue: Christ Embassy Church, Benue Hotels, G.R.A Makurdi, Benue State.







Photo Credit: Benterah

This Story Will Be Updated After The Wedding… See You There.

It Was 38°C, I was sweating profusely and so were many other guests as Makurdi is a very hot town; but nobody seemed to care that much about the heat even though you could see them unconsciously fanning themselves. We just wanted to see the lovely bride come out in her first attire.

Alas she did and behold such a beautiful woman

adorned in her native attire of the idoma tribe wearing the infamous black and red dancing out in style,

Her groom is a man of pride,

and glory filled his heart as his eyes could not hide all the emotions seeing his beautiful damsel had triggered,

He sprayed her with bills in such a way that made the unmarried men wish they were him

and single girls like myself fantasized about our own wedding day praying it is filled with the kind of love as rich as #VIZRA2018.

They danced a little bit more

and traditional rites were perfomed; Don’t worry MSJ Lovers, i promise to share with you in deets all the traditional rites performed when my own wedding day comes as the bride and i are of the same cultural background.

Finally all traditional rites where concluded and the couple were joined accordingly to cultural values and rituals and they shared a kiss over their beautiful cake…

item seven was duely and abundantly exercised,

Family and guests took turns taking pictures

with beautiful couple in their gorgeous final attire.

( item seven is a popular saying refering to refreshment in Nigerian events.)

And the occasion was ended with the couple dancing till fade…

On Friday the 9th of february the bachelor’s eve was held at Ace Of Spades Lounge, this was my first time there and i never knew makurdi had such lofty lounge; that is a long way from Ngbede’s place popularly known as the Exclusive Lounge to the days of District Four aka D4. I was very impressed at the ambiance because, finally there’s an establishment befitting of being called a Lounge/Nightclub as the town never had any functional during my stay as a student in university of Agriculture, Makurdi.

Alas! The D-Day; The 10th of february 2018.

Ironically, or rather, contrary to popular believe among folks, most Africans think traditional weddings

and white weddings ( as they call it here)

are two different neccessary rites… meanwhile the truth is that; or rather as i believe, they are both thesame as pertaining to the respective cultures involved ( that is African and European ) But i personally don’t think it is a bad idea to have both weddings as during the traditional wedding (which is according to our own cultural rites) some activities which may not be considered as “godlike” are performed.

Hence, in my opinion, the church wedding (European Wedding) is required or rather neccessary as a way of inviting God into your matrimony thereby making it Holy.

This invitation for me, therefore dissolves any traditional rites that are not in accordance to one’s faith or that are not Christlike in any way.

So, it was time for the church wedding, we waited patiently for the beautiful bride to make her entrance down the isle

and as expected, it was another hot day

( believe me i do not exaggerate how really hot this town is for it feels like one of the doorways to hell, For this is sincity as the king of onions and his peers would call Makurdi ). Lol, please don’t ask me what onions means in this context and who the king is, the reference is only for those that know…a little hint tho; ask any of the groomsmen and you might just be in the “know” as well.


The ceremony was held at the pool side of Benue Hotels And Resort, it was brief and insightful.

The reception was moved

to the event centre of Benue hotel and resort, within the premises let’s say about a kilometer or less away from the poolside where the church service was held.

The canopy was enclosed and poorly ventilated

(apparently management did not take the proper precussions and arrangement neccessary to have the hall ready and befitting of such event even after they had been paid accordingly).

This; Maintenance is one major issue with many establishments in Nigeria.

I wondered why everything didn’t just take place by the pool side where we were surrounded by several trees and palms,

that provided some sort of coolness we all enjoyed during the church ceremony that made people forget for a bit how hot the day was… but after seeing the decor I guess I could say I understand #VIZRA2018’s choice.

Anyways despite the evil nature of the heat descending on us, (Global warming is damnding) it was a beautiful reception

filled with love,

the best man and the grooms men were spectacular in making sure every dealings and affairs of the ceremony were duly and smoothly carried out.

After all the jollying,

i finally got a private time with the couple

to ask my FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions). I practically spent the first 30minutes begging for cake

*covers face* ( yeah yeah sue me, it is not my fault i love cake so much, lol).

I started with the lovely bride,

as you know the popular saying; “Ladies First”

  • How did you guys meet?

We met on Facebook. She said, He doesn’t like me telling people that though (he says it makes us sound unserious). We actually almost met on the 23rd of December, 2013. I was at the bank with a friend when she asked me to see ‘one fine man’.

I turned to look but the fine man had walked away. Few days later, this fine man coincidentally sent me a request on Facebook, I accepted, we got chatting and the rest is history

  • What made you agree to go out with him?

His charm.

His intellect. His Ambition

  • What is your idea of a perfect date?

Chemistry! That’s all I need for a perfect date. Just the two of us,

dim lights, soft music, no distractions.

  • What would you say is your favorite memory of him?

The first day we met. It was our first date. He was just a gentleman,

said the nicest things to me.

  • When did you realize you were gonna marry him?

Well, it didn’t come at once. I didn’t just wake up one day with thoughts of spending the rest of my life with him. It took time and acts of love and kindness.

I realized that I just can’t do without the one man that loves me silly.

  • What qualities do you admire about him the most?

He is the kindest soul I know. His thoughtfulness, his intellect. He is also very hardworking and ambitious. Can I just say he’s a total package?

  • What is your most favorite feature of him?

Between his eyes and his legs, I don’t know which is my most favourite.

  • What do you not like about his family?

So far, nothing. But given how large the family is growing, we could use a little more closeness and togetherness to strengthen our bond as one family

What TV parent do you wanna be like?

I admire Will & Jada Smith a lot.

  • Who is your celebrity crush?

Wande Coal is my husband’s rival. She laughed and looked at her husband as she said this.

What is the one thing you hope to achieve in marriage?

I hope and pray that my marriage helps me achieve God’s purpose in my life, as I also help my husband fulfil God’s purpose in his life.

  • The house chore you hate to do the most would be?

It has to be sweeping.

  • A belonging of his you’d get rid of if you can would be?

A certain black kaftan

What color of socks did your husband wear for your white wedding?


What is the most outrageous thing you did to show him you liked him?

Not really outrageous but quitting a job.

  • What is your dream job?

Being CEO of my own make-up and fashion line

  • What would you say you love most about his family?

They’re very welcoming and hospitable. They’re also very religious.

  • What was your most favorite moment during the traditional, Church and reception?

For the traditional, my favorite was when I saw him walk in for the first time (in my heart, I was like there goes my husband),

White was when we said our vows,

reception was the couple dance.

  • What would you do differently if you had the chance to do it over?

I believe in God’s plan for my life. However it happened must have been God’s plan and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Your advice to future brides on dating and marriage would be?

I feel there are no rules in dating, just follow your heart, always. Let love lead.

He was blushing and couldn’t wait to answer his, so i hit him with them right on.

  • Where did you meet this lovely jewel?


He said, with a straight face with a tone of slight embarrassment almost as if it were a bad or forbidden thing.

  • What is your idea of a perfect date?

“Stimulate my mind with smart talks, strengthen my spirit – motivate us” A garden or forest with birds tweeting. (I’m wild, she’s mild) I know.

  • What was the most interesting thing you did to get her to like you?

I am an open book, I let her see through me. Amidst oppositions and trash talkers, I let “good” prove itself to always win. So does love- it always wins.

  • When did you realize you love her and you were gonna ask her to marry you?

When I saw that she looked through me as an open book, looked beyond my flaws, she was ready for a whole new world right from the get go. I never held back from the start, never had a second thought.

  • What qualities do you admire about her the most?

Her beautiful soul.

I can’t stay mad at her. Her body! Complete. He said as he looked at her with such admiration.

  • What do you love about her family?

We are from two different ethnic groups, may take a while to integrate fully but we are Christians and we have Christ at the center of it all. It’s all we need as a common ground. The rest is for us to make conscious efforts to bond.

  • Which celebrity do you admire?

Denzel Washington

  • What is one thing you hope to achieve in marriage?

Achieve God’s purpose for our lives.

  • What is the favorite thing you bought together?


  • Your least favorite house chore would be?


A belonging of hers you’d get rid of if you can, would be?

Torn old red sweat shirt

  • What flavour of cake did you have at your wedding?

Vanilla and bubblegum

How did you guys pick the colors for your wedding?

I am bad with colours. I let her choose.

  • What was your most favorite moment at traditional, Church and reception?

Traditional – When she processed in different attire, made me proud. Gave me an opportunity to show how much value I place on my wife and how priceless she is. Church was when She said her vows.

reception was… the “bridal” dance.

  • What do you say you regret about your day? Something you didn’t do or something you did.

I under estimated my guests. Didn’t plan enough gifts for all my guests.

  • What is your advice to future grooms?

Live above your problems, look beyond the problems, prepare, see nothing as a problem. – Dear future groom, your woman is enough,

she has no problem,

you both have no problem, there is no problem that can not be solved. Get married already!

Zee is a blessed man to have found such a loving, submissive yet independently strong lady as Victoria; For the bible in Proverbs 18:22 says; He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains goodwill from Jehovah.

The Dj throws in Sunny Neji’s classical wedding song #Oruka per request of yours truly; which you can get as caller tune on your MTN sims by simply texting 006162 to 4100.

We shared jokes, stories and enjoyed wonderful laughs. The passion they shared made me and any one who saw them want to settle down so bad as their love is so real and overwhelming.

More photos of the couples and friends, family and guests were taken.

Above all, I am grateful to have been granted the privilege of sharing #VIZRA2018’s Love Story with you all.XO….Slainte 🍷

Photo credit: Aleva Photography uickie:

Marriage Is A Divine Institution That Requires The Union Of A Man And Woman To Live Together As Husband And Wife According To The Standard Set Out In The Holy Scriptures, Hence Which Better Book But The Bible To Seek Out Guidance In Improving Marriage?

What Can Help To Improve A Marriage?

  • Studying God’s Word together regularly and praying to God for help in resolving problems.—2 Tim. 3:16, 17; Prov. 3:5, Phil. 4:6, 7.
  • Appreciating the principle of headship. This puts a heavy responsibility on the husband. ( 1 Cor. 11: 3; Eph. 5: 25-33; Col. 3:19) It also calls for earnest effort on the part of the wife.—Eph. 5:22-24, 33; Col. 3:18; 1 Pet. 3: 1-6.
  • Speaking in a kindly, considerate manner to each other; avoiding outbursts of anger, nagging, and harsh critical remarks.—Eph. 4:31, 32; Prov. 15:1; 20:3; 21:9; 31:26, 28.
  • Confining sexual interests to one’s mate. ( Prov. 5: 15-21; Heb. 13:4) Loving Concern for the needs of one’s mate can help to safeguard that one against temptation to wrong-doing.—1 Cor.7:2-5.

Reference; Reasoning From The Scriptures.<<<<<<<
information or help on how to improve your relationships and General way of living, Visit JW.org.

6Goddess In Tanzania

“Oh my God, I really don’t wanna miss my flight” I said to the driver, it was 11:40something and I was still like 30mins away from the airport. I got to the airport and spent another 30minutes in airport traffic, finally made my way through to the counter and was told I’d already missed the flight and was shown where I could reschedule my flight. This cost me over $150 just to reschedule to the following day which was a Monday.

Quickie: Things To Note When Traveling To Zanzibar

  • First, You need a passport valid for six(6) months with atleast two blank pages
  • Take care of your flight itinerary, ticket or tour operator package receipt
  • Two passport photographs recently taken
  • Visa is issued on arrival
  • Visa fee

  • $100For US passport holders

  • $50 For Non US Passport Holders

  • Immunization for yellow fever, others include Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Malaria, Rabies And Menigitis
  • Certificate for yellow fever
  • For malaria, talk to your doctor about how to prevent malaria while traveling. You may need to take prescription medicine before, during and after your trip this prevent malaria, especially if you’re visiting low altitude areas.

Monday morning I made sure I was up very early, the ATM had seized my dollar card the previous day, hence I had to make a quick trip to the bank to get cash before heading to the airport

Quickie: Never leave anything you’re supposed to do before you travel to a day before or on the morning of your trip.

Alas! All was done and I got to the airport in good time, checked in and boarded my flight.

We took off at noon and had a layover in Addis, Finally arrived Zanzibar at noon Tuesday;

My friend Angie (travel blogger and birthday mate) the solo traveler was already there since Sunday and had made all the preparations to make this trip an amazing one.

I didn’t take the warning about taking precautions against malaria seriously ( knowing that I just treated malaria three(3) weeks before) I thought that was enough to keep it far away from me but it wasn’t and this affected the output of my trip to some extent as I was unable to make the safari tour. Yes this made me quite sad but I bounced back quickly knowing there will be many other safari tours to come.

Read about my birthday dinner with Laadi in the next post.


Thursday 7th Of December, 2017.,was one of those hot harmattan days when the sun is so scorching and the air is dry; it was the day of Fabulous New Trends Boutique And Bridal couture grand opening at No. 1 Euphrates Street, Maitama- Abuja,Nigeria.

Fabulous New Trends is a boutique owned by the honorable Mrs Eva Erokoro , before meeting her in person, I’d actually heard tales about how she’s really good and takes care of others but i didn’t take it to heart until I met her. She’s indeed a lovely lady with such zeal and passion for creativity and fashion; Her lifestyle and thrive in youth empowerment is enlightening and highly encouraging.

Mrs Eva Erokoro has been exceptional with other humanitarian activities she’s been involved with, We need more people like her to help make our society a better Place. I am also proud to brag about My dearest friend Valerie Solomon being the manager of this grand establishment here to serve you with cutting edge fashion and style at very pocket friendly prices with lots of choices to pick from.

It was a busy Thursday and the rush was like any other busy day, I arrived at the event, made my way through the shoppers in the Sale section downstairs and went all the way to where the goods were upstairs; I was greeted by Valerie Solomon along with couple of the beautiful staffs of Fabulous New Trends that I’m familiar with. We exchanged pleasantries and I just couldn’t get my eyes off the pretty fashionable pieces all over in the store, I got this lovely kimono and a YSL purse I can’t wait to rock.

Then I took a selfie which turned out to be the only picture of myself I managed to like as you know I’m still dealing with my “camera shyness”.

More pictures of happy shoppers were taken I interacted a little, had the opportunity of meeting Fatusi Olamilekan one of the Photographers who covered the event, and the wonderful pleasure of meeting the mistress of ceremony Jennifer; she had this lovely crotchet faux loc packed in my favorite style and a nice neon and black patterned dress with a sassy slit on the side. And of course, Sir Timmy the one and only master of ceremony in Abuja was to give this special event his mastery touch and it was filled with lots of games eating, and drinking courtesy Cocktails By Wush and Co.

We enjoyed the resident Disc jockey Rojay alongside other artists like Disktriktmatters who also performed There was more eating and dancing… It was indeed a grand opening… if you missed the opening, do not despair; be rest assured that you can always visit at No. 1 Euphrates Crescent Off Aguyi Ironsi Crescent, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria. There’s something for everyone ranging from men fashion to women fashion to kiddies and bridals.

For inquiry you can call +2347065810020


  • Photographer- Deejaykay Photography
  • Sir Timmy
  • Jennifer
  • Fatusi
  • Dj Rojay
  • Cocktails by wush

Special Thanks To;

Mrs Chiejina ( Savannah Suits)

Mrs Yetunde Chollom

Mrs Mabel Taiye Segun Bello

Mrs Philderma Garrick and,

Mr Akinrinola David Olatosho For attending this grand occasion.

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