Edge Of The World With My Furry Greekgod Searching For Answers To Life’s Big Questions

Where do you go to, when life’s big questions weigh on your mind?

I find solace in the woods and on the mountain tops, more than when I am home on my bed scrolling through all the glitz, glamour and chaos of social media.

It is hard to stay sane and creative sometimes with such distractions but in the woods, it is just me, my furry greekgod;- Apollo, my creator, and all his other beautiful creations.

Nature offers me this comfort that nothing else compares to, or maybe it’s just my inclination for wanderlust or a place in my mind I escape to when I need to find answers to Life’s big questions that influences the yearning.

In this moment my musings are eminent with only one question roaming through my mind…

What Is My Purpose In This Life?

The depth of this question is under emphasised, the quest for a deeper meaning of life usually proffers questions, many are scared of dealing with, while others won’t dare to ask, and there’s a huge bunch that just don’t care enough or at all.

Are we a product of chance?

Were we created to live simply for a short time and die?

Or are we a significant piece of a puzzle; beyond us all?

My revevrie is inventually interrupted and carried away with the beauty of the sun setting in the sky mixed with the sudden calm that fills the air and nothing else matters now but the splendor of God’s marvellous wonders. I remember uttering subtly…

“Jehovah God You Are Magnificent, You Are So Wonderful & Magnimously Creative, May Your Name Be Glorified.”

I was overwhelmed by the view that surrounded me and I couldn’t help but marvel and praise the omnipotent creator of such wonders. Suddenly the answer to my question of my purpose is made more vivid in my mind’s eye and what I need to do, the changes that need to be made for me to be able to fulfil my purpose in accordance with my Faith by Christ Jesus.

Quickie: You can find answers to most of Life’s big questions from the Bible as highlighted by the publications I study occasionally to help me answer some of these questions personally by visiting Jw.org

Apollo and I starred further, gazing at the sun setting as though our thoughts were singular and in unison,

Regardless of the fact that we are part of the wonder of such creativity, we q could appreciate it and gazed until it sets into fade…

Before I dot my last i and cross my Ts I’d like to leave you with a couple of question I want us to discuss in the next psyche post…

Were we just made to live briefly marred by suffering and then die?


Do you think God requires us to be poor or live in suffering to prove that we love him?

I have a very good gist that triggered the post behind the second question, so don’t miss it and please join in the conversation to make the post more enriching by reaching out on my instagram, you can share your thoughts here in the comment section or in the Q&A section of my insta-story.

Photo Credit: Apollo & Hanz.

Until another share.


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