Shaggy And 6goddess At #JBC

I’m not going to even say so much about how awesome this day went…i’m just gonna let the scenery and the view

tickle your imagination about the kind of day i must have had, especially since i spent it with Shaggythementalist

As we’re both stout lovers we started by ordering a bottle each,

i wanted extrasmooth but they only had african special and medium stout so i had medium and amstel malt, it won’t give you that extrasmooth rich smoothness in taste but atleast it works in the absence of the preferred.

We drank, made more snaps and took many pictures…

Finally food arrives…

i had fried rice and barbecued chicken,

i love the abundant sauce dripping off with the sprinkled sesame all over it…

the sour smokey taste is what i love the most about the chicken, which is why i always eat their chicken with anything else.

The food wasn’t the greatest but considering that it’s a new spot, let’s just say there’s room for improvement…

but you know me once i find a meal on the menu that i enjoy about a place, be rest assured that’s the only meal you will see me eating there until someone suggest there’s been change or improvement in services or maybe they just have that one meal they also come to eat that’s as good as mine.

we enjoyed our meal, caught up some more…

took more pictures

and moved the party elsewhere.

This is a good tourist location,

Woodhouse boat club and restaurant

Jabi Boat Club is a woodhouse bar and restaurant with incredible ambiance; this makes it a perfect spot for outdoor birthday breakfasts, luncheons, and family dinners. It is also children friendly.


Other Activities Include water adventure.

Address: 26 Alex Ekwueme Way, Nera Hotel Waterfront, Jabi District, Abuja, Nigeria

Post Code: 900001

Enquiries: #jbc

Mobile number: +234 808099289

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