Isa Israel

Isa Israel is an African Designer with a versatile vision,

based in Lagos state, the city known as the heart of business and lifestyle in Nigeria. I have known him for eight years now and we have lots of mutual friends in common. We all call him a different name from what he’s known by. His style was unique and modish like a guy fresh out of a music video, like a Chris Brown or Drake kinda video with a swank.

He sold the best contemporary wears to most of the trendriest and coolest kids on the block and many who patronized him always looked ritzy because as far back as then, i remember how he would travel from Benue to Lagos then through to Abuja and he would always return with the dopest fads in vogue for his ever loyal clienteles who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the goods, myself included lol, sometimes i would even send my money before he arrived for fear of missing out on the freshness before the “Abj peeps” would make them SOLD OUT. He was very passionate about clothes and took his business seriously.

Soon after he moved to lagos where he founded Tastemaker Fashion Agency. He’s been known to work with artists like Rapcheff , Runtown , Yung6ix, Mr Eazi, Iceprince Zamani , Dj Neptune, and co. creating and styling their wardrobe for photos and video shoots.

Later, He launched his first collection called,

The Monotint Collection under his company brand; The Tastemakers. As usual they were unique and consistent in their originality and i did not hesitate to cop four pieces of this collection for myself. The colors, and texture of the fabrics were spiffy, it was so impressive that i reached out to him about doing a piece for the blog… he accepted and we got down to business… i have been a big fan of his hustle and fashion career for many years now, still got some nice jeans and watches i got from him back in the day and this felt like the right thing to do as this is a way i can share in promoting his art, brand and vision internationally, to also testify and assure you of the quality of this brand.

Isa To The World…

I see fashion as a way of expressing yourself and individuality without having to say a word – Isa

These were his words regarding his definition of fashion.

  • Why did you choose fashion design as a career?

I didn’t really choose fashion design as a career path, it just kinda happened overtime as a result of me doing something i am very passionate about; I have a Bsc in Political Science he added. He talks about what he likes, being a designer and what he doesn’t but emphasis was laid on his favorite part which is,

The fact that i get to imagine something in my head and i am actually able to bring it to life and it looks really good… besides the idea of fashion being a medium of making a living

  • Who are your favorite designers both local and abroad?

I don’t really have a lot of favorite designers locally, although Mai Atafo is good at what he does, internationally I’d say Virgil Abloh, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Jerry Lorenzo, and a couple of streetwear designers too.

He first discovered his passion for fashion as a teenager and refers to himself as a streetwear designer and he draws his inspiration from his environment, everyday life and basically the internet. ” I go on fashion blogs and i have my eyes on the streets as regards to what’s hot and liable to trend.”

Isa describes his personal style as laid back,

eclectic, and he is motivated by the desire to create, and sometimes the messages he tries to convey with his work. He created his first collection in 2014 (Monotint collection) and he’s been able to put out seven (7) collections in total. His target market is basically the youth and streetwear enthusiasts.

  • How would you relate past and present fashion trends?

“Trends recycle, there’s no much difference between past and present trends, just modified stuff.”

  • What are your goals and where do you see yourself in ten (10) years?

One of my goals,is to create an African brand that is not restricted to African culture and shores alone, a brand with global apeal; In ten years i see myself at the peak of my career, probably being compared to international brands.

And so may it be, i added.

  • Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

I am proud of the fact that i have been able to put out series of sold out collections and my clientele base.

  • How do you handle arrogant clients, and how well do you take criticism?

Tolerance… if you are not being criticized, it means nobody is noticing, I believe it comes with exposure.

I nodded frantically in agreement and threw in my final FAQ.

  • What skills would you say are important for a successful career in fashion design and what is your advice to upcoming designers?

I’d say creative thinking and fabric sourcing and my advice to upcoming designers is; stay innovative, keep working and stay in your craft.

“Happy now?” he said to me and i replied beautiful, can’t wait to publish with a big gr(in/een) that is if you know what i mean…XO

To see more or purchase any of Isa’s collections, you can do it Here


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