5 Basics Every Creative Needs In Their Closet This Season

A basic is relative to the personality in question, basics can also be influenced by craft/profession, location and weather.

Say, for instance you’re a creative who lives in the tropics, which is generally hot most of the year, the basics you’d need is different from someone leaving in Europe who has to deal with drastic changes in weathers, but today I will be sharing 5 basics relative to creatives regardless of your timezone or season. All of course within your budget.

Quickie: This post is aimed at sharing tips for creating a luxurious style without breaking the bank.

When you talk about luxury fashion, it doesn’t have to be about clothings with expensive price tags because luxury is relative. Personally I feel luxury is a form comfort that shouldn’t have to come at great expense.

Having a luxurious style however, requires that one needs to invest in key pieces. I like to invest in classic pieces that are durable and can be repeated over and over without feeling like I’ve over worn a particular piece, you know why? Because there are always fun ways to experiment, recreate and/or style a look using that one piece such that, the more you explore the versatility of that piece, the more you discover its grandeur.

And as you know…;

Style, they say is not just a display of wealth, but an expression of one’s imagination. So allow yourself to explore that imagination.

The more key basics you own, the easier it is to create a luxurious look that ends up being a #styleinspo , these items can be owned in preferred prints, colors, patterns and/or textures.

5 Basics You Need

  • A pair of joggers
  • White collared shirt
  • A nice hat
  • Shoulder chain pouch
  • A pair of white mules
  • These basics are the pieces that can be styled depending on your mood and occasion.
  • A Pair Of Joggers
  • A pair of black joggers is something you can assemble to make a very casual look into a semi formal creative look. Depending on the occasion, one pair of joggers can be paired with a tshirt, gym tank or a sweater for that early morning run.
  • White Collared Shirt

    There are so many things you can do with a white shirt, it’s minimalist, chic, simple yet so significant. In this case I decided to pair my joggers with my white shirt. I deliberately tucked in the entire shirt and brought out one section to give it that casual twist.

  • Quickie: You can recreate this look with a pencil skirt or plain pants in place of a joggers or even jeans, as shown in my last post HERE.
  • I proceeded to piece that casual twist it with…,
  • A Nice Hat
  • In this case depending on your personal style, you could choose the type of hat you’d like from the various fashion available; from a beret, floppy, boater, golf, slouchy to, even a newsboy hat just to mention a few. However, I used a fedora because I am a huge fan of #menfashion. And to accentuate my look, I added A,
  • Shoulder Chain Pouch
  • To give it the feminine touch, which also expresses my deliberate choice in throwing together all the basics as seen.
  • I emanated my look further, to match my white shirt with..;

    A Pair Of White Mules

  • This white mules synced my outfit together and kept my look simple, chic and well within the golden rule of thirds in fashion, and just because I can be extra, I proceeded to throw in a muffler to match my shoulder chain pouch with my accessories.
  • Thereby creating an outfit that expresses my current mood, time and budget, that in turn transcends through time as a minimalist classy showpiece.
  • So there you have it. I look forward to seeing what basics you would fashion together to create your own Marvelous fit.

    For more information on my personal style and tags, follow me on Instagram HERE

    Photography: Deeboygraphy

    Location: Tropic galleria

    Until another share…✨


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    1. A white shirt and mules are super essential. I’m still amazed at how you effortlessly put these pieces together and make them look extra classy. There goes the saying that, “Less is more”.

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